Buried next to her father, Anthony Laws Mason, who predeceased her. Her father died with a fair fortune made in real estate, of about a million dollars. (Obituaries say she is buried in Elmwood but the cemetery office has no record to confirm this, so she is apparently unmarked.)


Sister MASON, Fannie, b. MI
They lived at 1027 Central Street.

Maud was struck by a carriage on Sept 1897, while riding a bicycle, in Washington DC. She was visiting her aunt, the wife of Senator Cockrell. She suffered a fracture at the base of her skull, and was trampled by horses, and was not expected to survive. She died 11 months later of "articular rheumatism," a condition that is often induced by trauma.

In her obituary she is referred to as Maud Graham-Nickells, and it is said her husband (Clint G Nickells) is in the "drug business." She had first married a Mr. Graham who was also a druggest and had a store at 12th and Main Streets "soon after she finished her education in the east." With Mr Nickells she had three children. What became of Mr Graham is not known.