e-mail correspondence from Mitchell Hagerstrom, March 14, 2008:

5 Sep 1781: Indenture between Thomas Joell of Pembroke, Bermuda Gentleman late resident in South Carolina being only son of Thomas Joell late of South Carolina mariner, deed of one part and Edward Dunscombe mariner & William Dunscombe, mariner of the other part. 1st sells to 2nd for L700 dwelling & 25 acres B.W. on lands belonging to heirs of Samuel Saltus deceased North on land in occupancy of Robert Robison & Jeremiah Whitney & Mary Beak; East on Nathaniel Mitchell & South on Sea or Lane Harbor & Stamers Point. This same land was purchased from Adrian Eve & Benjamin Wood by William Joell & by his last will March 15 1714 was left to his son William & which by regular descent has become the absolute property of said Thomas

Note: This is the "Olive Hill" property. Cited as: Deeds 2, p. 106 Sept 4, 1789