A man of extensive learning and great ability (Goodrich, Samuel Griswold. "Recollections of a lifetime." NY " Miller, Orton & Co., 1856, v.1, p. 16).

Also from Goodrich, idib., v.1, pg. 533:

Charles Augustus Goodrich, the fifth son, was born March 2d, 1758. Like his brothers, he was educated at Yale, and took his bachelor's degree in 1786. In constitution he was less vigorous than the other sons, but to a fine taste and poetical genius he united a disposition the most affectionate, and manners the most persuasive. Before leaving college he had chosen the ministry as a profession, for which he was well fitted, both on account of his piety, his love of learning, and the native kindness of his heart. Soon after, however, and by reason of too close application to study, his nervous system became seriously affected, and which in a few months induced a permanent derangement of his mental powers. His death occurred in 1804.