Daniel Dunbar graduated in the Class of 1794 Yale and was a Phi Beta Kappa man For a time he was an instructor in Williams College Williamstown Mass He then went to Litchfield Conn and studied law While at Litchfield he roomed at the same house with Frederick Wolcott and Samuel Whittelsey and it is a notable fact that the three comrades married three sisters Frederick Wolcott married Sarah Worthington Goodrich Samuel Whittelsey married Abigail Goodrich while Daniel Dunbar married Katharine Chauncey Goodrich These were three of the daughters of Rev Samuel Goodrich and Elizabeth Ely Daniel Dunbar married Katharine Chauncey Goodrich at Berlin September 12 1817 She was born at Ridgefield Conn December 4 1791 and died at Berlin Conn October 15 1873 See Goodrich Family also Chauncey Memorials Daniel Dunbar was usually called Squire Dunbar He built and lived in a house nearly opposite the Congregational church He had a good practice as a lawyer and was greatly beloved He represented the town in the legislature but was averse to public office He was especially painstaking in looking after the affairs of the poor and unfortunate and it was with difficulty that he could be induced to send in his bills He settled the estate of Captain Newell and the heirs were so pleased with his management that they presented him as a token of esteem with a pair of tall silver candlesticks and a beautiful silver tray containing an inkwell and a sander for blotting He was a portly ruddy faced man with blue eyes and white hair and full of fun and geniality He suffered a stroke of paralysis some months before his death which left him helpless but it was a curious fact that during this period of incapacity he used to read his Hebrew Bible without difficulty The shock was brought on by family misfortune His son Edward who had engaged in business in Boston was involved while abroad by the poor judgment of a partner and Daniel Dunbar insisted on coming to the rescue although not in any wise liable This took a great part of his property but it enabled Edward to meet the firm obligations Then the sudden death of his son Daniel was a great grief Both these misfortunes took place close together (History of Berlin, Connecticut by Catharine M. North, The Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor Company, New Haven, Conn., 1916, pgs 146-147)