COPY OF BILL OF SALE OF NEGRO BOY FROM SAMUEL DENNY TO DANIEL DENNY Referred to In preceding will Copied by Joseph A Denny

I the Subscriber hereof for and in consideration of the Sum of five Shillings to me in hand paid by Daniel Denny of Leicester but more especially for my love and good will that I bear unto him my dear brother and an acknowledgement of favors received have and by these presents do give sell and dispose of unto him one negro boy named Richard born Sept 20 1747 from the day of the date hereof until he the said Negro boy arrive to the age of thirty years for him the said Denny to keep improve and provide for during said term and further to be held and improved by him and his heirs forever unless I shall by my last Will and Testament dispose of him some other way after the said thirty years is expired which remainder I do reserve to myself notwithstanding anything herein coptained to be construed notwithstanding And I do also hereby debar him the said Denny from selling and disposing of him or his time to any other person only to some one or other of his children as he would any other estate he or she to hold but not to sell him for gain or profit for any time during said term And I take the liberty to give it in charge to my said brother or any other that he or they deal kindly by and with the poor boy that they look on him as a poor orphan and especially that they hold themselves engaged to bring him up in the fear of God and do that to and for him that will bear a trial knowing he have a precious soul as well as we So commending you my brother and the little boy to the tender care of divine providence I hereunto set my hand this twentieth day of September one thousand seven hundred and fifty and two