Eldest child of Charles Arthur Magill (1782-1854) and Elizabeth Zubly (1784-1736), Anne was born in St. Mary’s, Georgia, in 1807. She married her first cousin, Archibald Smith (1801-86) in St. Marys in 1830 at the age of 23. While still living along the Georgia coast, Anne gave birth to three children: Elizabeth Anne (1831-1915), Archibald John (1833-1836), and William Seagrove (1834-1865). Her first son, Archibald John, died from malaria at the age of three. After the family moved to Roswell, Anne had two more children, Helen Zubly (1841-1896) and Archibald “Archie” (1844-1923). Archie described his mother as “…heroic and tragic in mind and body. She was quiet and even tempered, calm and deep, but rather cold on the surface. She inspired confidence and respect rather than affection. She was ever kind and self-controlled but never merry. She felt and suffered deeply but would not wink an eye.” (www.roswellgov.com)