Brief in the case of Selinda Wells former Wife of Aaron Stewart. Washington County and State of Vermont. Sec 1 act July 3rd/53 & Aug5/54.

Claim ("original," or "for increase.")
Proof exhibited, (if original.)
Is it documentary, traditionary, or supported by rolls? If either, state the substance.
Aaron Stewart died in service 16 July 1813 - see Baty Land Records Act of 1812 - marriage proved by a certified copy of the marriage records of the time of New Haven Vermont. Widow (?) and identity are proved by (?)
(If for increase.) Has additional been filed since the admission of the claim? If so, what?
(/) July 24 /55 at (?) pm 19 June 1855 - the close of the testimony.
B.M. Baldwin Esq.
Name and Residence of Agent Present          J.E. Stewart
                              Examining Clerk.

State of Vermont. On this 30th day of December 1858 Washington County (Vt?) Personally appeared before me a Justice of the Peace within & for the County aforesaid Selinda Wells a resident of Duxbury in the County of Washington & State of Vermont aged 69 years who duly being sworn doth on her oath make the following Declaration in order to obtain the full benefits of the Act of Congress passed February 3d 1853. (1st Section), & the act passed June 3d 1858.
That she is a widow & the former widow of Aaron Stewart who was a Sergeant in the 21st Ifty in the U.S. Army in the War of 1812, That she was placed upon the Pension Roll of the Agency at Montpelier Vermont, for five years at the rate of $6.50 per Month commencing June 19th 1855 & terminating June 19th 1860, that she now asks that said Pension may commence Feby 3d 1853 & terminate Feby 3d 1858. She also asks that she may be allowed a Pension under that act of June 3d 1858 at the same rate per Month commencing Feby 3d 1853, that she was last paid her Pension at this Agency at Bradford in the State of Vermont up to Sept 4th 1858. That her Post Office Address is Moretown V.T. & that She has not (intermarried?) since making her application for a Pension. Certificates may be Sent to Stephen Thomas of West (Fairlee?) V.T.
                              Selinda Wells

We Hiram Comings and Lucy Comings Duxbury in the County of Washington & State of Vermont of lawful age depose & Say that we are personally acquainted with Mrs. Selinda Wells of said Duxbury who subscribed the foregoing (?) in our presence that we have been personally Knowing to her drawing a Pension as she has Set forth in her declaration that we understand & believe She is a widow as in the foregoing is set-forth that we have been intimately acquainted with her for eight years past.
                              Hiram Cummings
                              Lucy M. Comings

The foregoing Declaration & Affadavits were Subscribed & Sworn To before me on the day & year first wrote in the foregoing; and I certify that I am personally acquainted with the Declarant & Affidavits & That they are credible persons And that I am not in any way interested in the prosecution of the claims or in the result of the Same
                              Moses P Heath Justice of the Peace

                              Washington County Clerks Office

     State of Vermont ) I (Shubad?) Wheeler Deputy Clerk of the County Court for the
     Washington County) County of Washington in the State of Vermont which is a Court of Record hereby certify that Moses P. Heath Esp. Whose name is subscribed in his own genuine hand writing to the foregoing Certificate was at the date thereof an acting Justice of the Peace, duly commissioned and qualified by the Laws of this State to administer Oaths for general purposes.
               Given under my hand and the Seal of Said Court
               at Montpelier this 20th day of January AD 1859

               (Shubad?) Wheeler Deputy Clerk

Deal(?) of Mrs. Selinda Wells
1sr Sec. Act Feby 3d 1853 & June 3d 1858

Stephen Thomas
West (Fairlee?) V.T.

                         West Fairlee V.T. January 22 1859
                         Hon. Geo C. Whiting Comr. Of Pensions


I herewith enclose the Declr of Selinda Wells under 1st Sec. Of the Act of Feby 3d 1853. & June 3d 1858. & her Pension Certift. & wish you to forward me a certift under the Act of 53. From 3d Feby 53 to 19th June 5(5?). Also one from 3d June 58 deducting what She has recd. Under the Act of 1853.

                    I Am Truly Yours
                     Stephen Thomas     

State of Vermont
County of Washington (?)

On the 18 day of June AD 1856. Before the Subscriber a Justice of the Peace in and for the County aforesaid personally appeared Selinda Wells of the town of Duxbury in Said County and State aged 65 years who being duly Sworn according to law doth make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefits of the provision made by the law of the United States passed the 3d. day of February A.D. 1853. That she is the former widow of Aaron Stewart deceased who as a Sergeant in the Company commanded by Capt (cant remember) in the 21st Regiment of Infantry of the United States. In the war with Great Britain declared Jan 18. 1812. That her husband entered the Service while in Said Company on the 16th day of July AD 1813. And that she is now a Widow. And she further states that her children to wit Ira H Stewart and Thomas (editor's note: I have no record of a son named Thomas. Aaron & Selinda's other son was named Homer) Stewart were paid five years half pay in lieu of Bounty Land in consequence of the death of their father the Said Aaron Stewart. And she further states that she was married to the said Aaron Stewart in the town of New Haven in the State of Vermont on the 16th day of May AD 1807. By one Silas L. Bingham a Minister of the gospel, that her name before said Marriage was Selinda Colt. and she further states that there is a record of her Marriage as above stated entered upon the town records of the said town of New Haven a copy of which this declarant has lately obtained and filed in the Pension Office by her Attorney Benj. H. Baldwin of Washington City. She hereby appoints Benj H Baldwin her attorney to prosecute her claim for a pension and to obtain a Certificate therefor to be transmitted by him to her. And she further states that her late husband Elias Wells died Jany 7th AD. 1843 Selinda Wells.
Sworn to and subscribed before me this day and year first above mentioned, and I Certify that I know the Said Selinda Wells and believe her to be as is above Stated and to be of the age represented, and further that I am not interested in her claim as Attorney or Otherwise-

                         Samuel Pierce Justice Peace

And on the Same day and year aforesaid personally appeared before me Earl Ward and Lester Kingsley two credible and disinterested witnesses who being duly sworn say that they are well acquainted with Mrs. Selinda Wells who has subscribed her name to the foregoing declaration and were well acquainted with her late husband Elias Wells in his life time and know that he died on or about the 7th day of January AD 1843 and that the Said Selinda is now his widow and has remained so since his death. And that she is as we suppose the identical Selinda who was the former widow of Aaron Stewart deceased.
                         Earl Ward
                         Lester Kingsley

Samuel Pierce Justice Peace)

State of Vermont) I (Shubad?) Wheeler Clerk of the County Court for the County of Washington in the
Washington (?)) State of Vermont which is a Court of Record, hereby certify that Samuel Pierce Esq. Is and was on the 18th day of June instant an acting Justice of the Peace within and for the County of Washington aforesaid, duly commissioned and qualified by the Law of this State to administer Oaths for general purposes, that I am acquainted with his hand writing and believe his Signature to the foregoing to be genuine.
                    In testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand & affix
                    the Seal of said County Court at Montpelier in said
                    County this 19th day of June A.D. 1853

                    (Shubad?) Wheeler Clerk     

In this case Commissioner Waldo dispenses with the (?) of the declaration in consideration that the papers belonging to the original application were taken from the Examiner's desk and placed upon his & have been misplaced. The proof of marriage with he (?) papers under the Act of 16 April 18(??) were filed with them.
                    J.E. Stuart, Ex Clerk, July 26/25

Hon. L.P. Waldo, Comm. of Pensions               Washington March 21st 1855

Dear Sir. I beg leave to find herewith a Power of Attorney of Selinda Wells former widow of Aaron Stewart whose Claim for half pay pension under the last Clause of the first Section of the act of Feby 3 1853 is suspended. It would appear that Claimant has misstated the regiment in which her husband served, and the Third Auditor has accordingly reported that the name of Aaron Stewart does not appear on the rolls of the 11th Regt. US Infty. I beg leave to call your Attention to the papers on file in your office upon which the Children of Said Aaron Stewart drew half pay pension, and also to the Printed list of pensions published in 1835. (State of Vermont Adison (sic) County) where it will appear that Aaron Stewart was a Sergeant in the 21st Regiment, Captain Joseph Grafton under whom Claimant alledges (sic) her husband enlisted & he belonged to the 21st Regiment of U.S. Infantry. An examination of the Case is respectfully requested.
                    Very Respectfully      (?)
                    Benj. H Baldwin

                    1812 Widow, &c.

     Selinda Wells, formerly widow of Aaron Stewart Sergt 21 Infy

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          (Arrangement of 1870)
1929. Sept 24 Hist To Inglis Stewart - AWF
1930. - Aug 26 - Inglis Stewart (req?) where buried not shown (?)                                   
                    Hon. W (Langoon?)
                    Department of War
                    (?) Accots office
                    Feby 28 1877

It appears from the rolls of Capt Graftons Company in the accounts of Jona Eastman PM 21 Infy. That Aaron Stewart Sergeant of said Comy enlisted 15th Jany 1813 for the war and died in the service of the Un States 16 July 1813.
                    (signature illegible)

                    No. 1015

Certificate of the Military Service and death of Aaron Stewart Sergeant Captain Grafton's Company 21st Regt Infy
Ira Stewart. -- Guardian
2 minors

Enlisted 15 January 1813 for the War and died 16 July 1813

Warrant No. Certificate 1015

War of 1812 Act of April 16 - 1816
Warrantee Soldier Aaron Stewart, Sergeant Service 21st Inf
(?) W. Wid File 28029
Nature of claim Bounty Land Relinquished

War of 1812     
Numbers          Solider Aaron Stewart          Bounty Land
Old War Wid. File 28029 Former widow Wells, Selinda Service Sgt. - Capt. Grafton - 21st U.S. Inf.

No. 59               June 25/55
Selinda Wells formerly widow of Aaron Stewart Sergeant 21st Regt US Infy War of 1812 (?) Vermont
Act Feby 3(rd?)/53 & Aug 5. 1854=
(Allo?) July 24/55 at (?) (?) (?) June 1855 the close of the (testimony?)=
                         J.E. Stewart

B H Baldwin, President

Selinda Wells
1448 for wid Aaron Stewart 5391 Sergt. 1812
Acr 3d June 1858
Former pension not yet (Expired?) (?) April 6th, 1859
                    S. (G.?)(I.?)
     Died in 1860
     5 year pension in lieu of Bounty Land (proved?) to Children

Stephen Thomas, West (Fairlee?) Vt 27 (Jan?)59
Minors in lieu of Bounty Land had pension c1015 File 28.906
Selinda Wells former the Widow of Aaron Stewart claim for Pension under the Act of Feby 3. 1853.
War of 1812