The following is a letter written shortly before his death to his wife at New Haven, Vt.:-

Niagara, May 15, 1813.

Dear Selinda:-

I have written you two Letters that have been worn out in my pocket for want of conveyance, but I can put this in the post office here, not doubting but you are very anxious to hear from me at this time, as your knowledge of the battle and taking of York and knowing that I was in the engagement would make you solicitous for my welfare until you hear from me - I cannot, for want of time as well as paper enter into a description of the Battle - it was contended for with obstinancy on both sides, but the confusive hurry prevented me from realizing the dolorous sight of the dead and wounded, the latter of which much exceeded the former - By the best accts. I can get we had sixty--two killed on the field of battle, and 119 wounded, several of whom are since dead - the British are supposed to have lost more than we did - We are expecting to attack the fort opposite here (viz) Fort George -- in a few days, it is a strong place and they are concentrating all the force they can, so we may expect a warm reception, but if the God of battles preserves me you shall hear of my fate immediately after - With respect to what impressed my mind with the greatest burthen is your situation Five hundred miles now parts us and I know you to be in want. I have not as yet rec'd either money or clothing. I know your people will not let you want, but it was my intention to have left you in a state of independency and assisted Charles - I pray for a speedy close to the War that myself with many other fools may be permitted to return to their families, the only place where real comfort is taken - Homer and Hubbell - I long with all the affection of a father to see you, but if that shall never happen, may you find friends here that will lead you up to manhood in the habits of virtue, temperance, and industry.
It would be a real pleasure to me to receive a letter from you, but I know not to whom to tell you to direct it - yet on second thought I wish you would, and direct it to Sergeant Stewart of Capt. Grafton's Company in the 21st Reg't of Infantry --
Affectionately yours,

Mrs. Selinda Stewart. Aaron Stewart.

May 17th - No alterations since the within date -- The mail does not start until Thursday next -- But I shall now close with bidding you adieu."