Inglis never married. A letter from Philip Stewart, 6 Sabal Ct., Sewall's Pt., Stuart, Fl. states that as an adult he cared for his mother in Roseneath, NY "and was a pretty good friend of my grandparents. I remember him as a very friendly man."
Stewart also states Inglis was born in Willow Tree, NY. I can find no Willow Tree or Roseneath in New York, but there is a town called "Willow" in Ulster County. "Roseneath was the name of a home near Beacon. From "The history of Duchess County, edited by Frank Hasbrouck, published in Poughkeepsie in 1909:

"Mr. Wolcott had extensive real estate holdings in Fishkill, includ-
ing farms and village property, as well as interests in rnanufacturing,
in which he was at one time associated with Robert G. Raitkin, who
also lived at Fishkill some years and built there. Mr. Wolcott, by
his second marriage, had three children who lived to maturity. His
son, Henry Goodrich, married Julia, daughter of the late Waldo
Hutchins ; and his daughter, Katherine, married Samuel Verplanck
and they now occupy Roseneath. This house was built by Lieutenant
Ward of the United States Navy about seventy-five years ago. His
wife was a sister of Samuel Whittemore, who married Louisa, daugh-
ter of John Peter DeWint, and lived in the Wren's Nest, a cottage
with attractive grounds on the river a short distance south of the Long
Dock. The place had two entrances, whence the name.

Inglis was a member of the Order of Runnemede (Browning, Corrigenda, page D). The Inglis Stuart book confirms Willow Tree and Roseneath.
Examined for entrance to Columbia College, May 1876 and passed without conditions. Began reading Kent's Commentaries in a Wall Street law office September 1, 1879. Admitted to the bar after examination by Committee of General Term 1st Dept., NY Supreme Court. Practiced thereafter in N.Y. City and Dutchess County till retirement 1931. For notable cases see 104 N.Y. 268; 112 N.Y. 189 and 194 N.Y. 495. Representative of American shareholders of Exchange Telegraph Company Ltd. at the Annual Meeting in London July 1895. Elected member of Board of Directors of the North River Insurance Company in March 1896 and has served continuously ever since. Elected to Association of the Bar of New York City 1883. Trustee of Howland Library (since 1912) and Life member of Railway and Locomotive Historical Society of Boston, Massachusetts; Republican, Bachelor (Stuart, Inglis. Mayflower ancestry of Elizabeth Ely Goodrich and her descendants. Rhinebeck, NY : Rhinebeck Gazette Press, 1932).