Berlin Conn Dec 7th 1914

John G. Dunscomb Esq

Dear Sir

In reply to yours of Nov 30 I would say I find that upon Nov 26 1901 you paid Fifteen Dollars for lot No 72 said lot being upon the South side of Maple Cemetery. I think we looked at a lot west of Mrs. Stewarts but you finally selected lot No 72. Now if you do not wish for lot No 72 I think you could have a lot west of the Stewarts lot. It would not be as larg (sic) as No 72.
Yours truly

William Bulkley

Washington Georgia May 3, 1924-

I hereby give & bequeath above lot # 72, in which my son Cecil Dunscombe is buried - to his widow Marie M. Dunscombe & when deeds for Maple Cemetery lots are issued, I direct that a deed for this lot # 72 be made to Marie M. Dunscombe or to Cecil Dunscombe, whichever is considered the most proper.

John G. Dunscombe

(Note: This memorandum from John G. Dunscombe is handwritten at the bottom of the letter from Mr. Bulkley).

Letter from John Dunscombe to his daughter-in-law Marie. The letter from Mr. Bulkley he refers to is apparently the one above:

Washington Georgia
May 3 - 1924

My dear Marie-

Since writing you last, only a few days ago, I have been overhauling my trunks and came across a bundle of letters written by Cecil which I have kept for you & the children - now I think it time for these to come into your care, so am sending with this letter-
By the time Edward & Margaret have reached their twentieth year, these letters will be historical & they will also enable the children to form a correct estimate of their father - his devotion & loyalty to wife, children & country - So please put the away in some safe place and if Edward lives give them to him or divide them between the two children - as a rule women in a family, carry on its traditions and treasure their portraits and other articles of interest for more carefully than do its mail (sic) members - even though by marrying their family name is changed - of course there are exceptions & by observation you can determine in which of the two such articles can be most safely entrusted.
Take good care of the letter from Mr. Bulkley - for it takes the place of a deed for the lot which Cecil is buried and which I now present to you - the cemetary (sic) - the cematery (sic) (?) have never made deeds for lots to any person - some day they will & then as you will notice I have decided the deed should be made to you or in Cecil's name as they see fit. The first time you visit Berlin, it would be (?) for you to carry the letter from Mr. Bulkley with you & ask for a deed to be made out as I have directed in a memorandum on his letter - If no deed is issued - have him alter the name of the owner of lot # 72 on his books from John G. to either Cecil or Marie M. Dunscombe-
While going through my papers I found a memoranda giving my father's Brooklyn house as on the corner of State & Henry St. at that time known as the (Marquard?) House - that was before I was born - about 75 or 80 years ago - so I suppose the house has been torn down - it was the fashionable part of Brooklyn at that time - but it

(the letter continues on another page but no more of it survives)