Will Of John Goderich.

John Goderich of Burie St. Edmond, in the County of Suffolk, clothier, dated April 14, 1632, and proved .in the Archdeaconry Court of Sudbury, May 16, 1632:

"ffirst and principallie I comend my sowle into the hands of the Almightie God, my Creator, and to Jesus Christ, his onlye sonne, my lord and onlye Saviour, by the merits of whose death and passion I steadfastlie beleeve to have free p'don and forgivenes of all my synnes, and to be made p'taker of the ioyes of heaven." To Margerie, my wife, my house wherein I now dwell in Bury, and my land in Horningherth, in the County of Suffolk, for her life, and on her death to descend to my four sons, William Goodcriche the elder, William Gooderiche the younger, John Gooderich, and Jeremy Gooderich. To my son John Gooderich, my house or tenement and lands in Hessett, in the said County of Suffolk, my said wife to have the profits till my son John Gooderich shall attain twenty-one. If he die without lawful issue under twenty-one, then the property to him bequeathed to descend and come to the said William Gooderich the elder, Wm. Gooderich the younger, and Jeremy Gooderich, to be equally divided amongst them. To my said three sons, William Gooderich the elder, William Gooderich the younger, and Jeremy Gooderich, one hundred pounds apiece at twenty-one. If any die under twenty-one and without issue, then the portion or legacy of him or them so dying shall come to the rest of my said sons. My wife to have the managing of the portions during minority, and the increase and benefit arising from their said several portions to be for their education and maintenance, and for binding of any of them forth apprentices, and the residue to be delivered to my sons at the time limited for payment of the portions. If any of my said children prove rebellious, stubborn, and disobedient, and refuse to be maintained, ordered, and governed according to my said wive's discretion, or the discretion of such others as during their minority shall have the managing of their said portions, in case my wife die, then the profits and increase of his or their portions that shall so misdemean shall go to the others of them that are dutiful and obedient. Provided that my wife do pay all such legacies contained in my father's will, which on my part are yet to be paid. To Margaret, daughter of my brother Henry Gooderich, five pounds at 24, and to William Gooderich, son of my said brother Henry Gooderich, five pounds at 24, with benefit of survivorship. To the two younger children of my sister Susan, by her first husband John Lark, forty shillings apiece at 24, with benefit of survivorship. To the poor of the parish of St. Mary in Bury, forty shillings to be distributed one month after my decease. To the poor spinners of Drinkstone, in the County of Suffolk, twenty shillings to be distributed within a month after my decease. All the rest of my goods, chattels, wares, stock, plate, household stuff, and moveables to Margerie, my wife, whom I make sole executrix. Thomas Chaplyne, mercer. Clement Chaplyne, brother of said Thomas, Jeremy Stafford, mercer, and my cousin, Robert Gooderich of Bury St. Edmunds, aforesaid supervisors, and for their pains I give to every one forty shillings. If my wife die before the will is fully performed, and have not nominated any person or persons for the performance thereof, then my said supervisors to take upon them the performance, and shall also have the managing and employment of all such portions as shall come to any of my said children after the decease of my said wife. Witness: Richard Cooper Harman, by mark; the mark of Robert Brightnall, Philip Crowe.

From the "Parish Register," of St. Mary, Bury St. Edmunds:

"BURIAL.—April 21, 1632, John Goderich, Clothyer."