Will of Isaac Chaunccy, son of President Chnuncey, for an account of whom see the Chaunccy Memorials, p. 46. This will is dated February 26,1712.

" Having by the tender mercy of the most high bin preserved in Life unto an old age and now labouring under the manifold weaknesses and infirmity attending Tho as yett (thro the goodness of God) in the full use of my reason and understanding I think good to make this my last will and Testament. Imprimis I render my soule into the hands of him that gave it and my hody to the Earth to rest till the promised glorious Resurrection in the assured hope whereof I thro grace live, and die thro the faith of the operation of God. Item as to the small portion which God of his free Bounty and goodness hath bestowed on me I thus dispose of it as followeth "—To my son and daughter Nisbet each of them £5. Also the house I live in in Little Moorfeilds which I hold by lease to my loving wife Jane Chaucy remainder to my daughter Nisbet and she failing to the eldest daughter then living—if none then to the sons successively surviving. 1. To my said daughter Elizabeth Nisbet my gold nonstriking watch. 3. My small Library of Books to be sold. 4. To my grand children by my said daughter Nisbet £2 each. 5. To my daughter-in-law the relict of my late son Uzziel Chaucy £5 and to my grandchildren by her £2 each. 6. To the widow and relict of my late son Charles Chaucy the sum of money due to me from the African Company the reason of this bequeathmt to my daughter relict of my son Charles is (because the children of my said late son are Infants) and that the widow or her Executors or assigns should take together (with) my brother Wally for the due education of the said children and this money may be a help unto the said education and that my brother his Executors or assigns be from time to time aiding my daughter in this matter. 7. If it shall so come to pass by God's providence that any money's that I or my son Isaac have bin wronged of (as will appeare by the uncancell'd Bonds in my Custody) my will and pleasure is that it be divided between the three eldest daughters my grandchildren then surviving, if nothing of my just dues be obtained those tilings my executrix is excused from any obligation of my will. 8. I constitute my dear wife Jane Chaucy my sole executrix desiring my esteemed son Nisbet and my honored friend Mr Richard Taylor to be aiding to her in any difficulties that shall occur in the execution of this my last will and Testament. Isaac Chaucy—in the presence of Samuel Parsons, Saml Hebden, Mary Mascall. Proved 15 March 1711-12 by Jane Chaucy the relict and sole executrix. P. C. C. 46 Barnes.