E-mail from Iole Marguerettaz dated 2/17/2005:

I write today the origin and in general what I know about the name "Marguerettaz." In the 1993 a history man Aldo di Ricaldone had published two books about the history of the Commune of Saint Rhemy en Bosses.
In the second of this books he write that the name Marguerettaz was derived by Mergherita (Margaret in English) or Marguerite, name present in the south of the French. This name derived by the Greco Margarites that signify "pearl."
In the 1835 are in Bosses 47 chef of the family that have the name Marguerettaz. Our relative are between this 47.
We find in the parchment of the castle of Bosses the name Giovanni Lorenzo Marareta that in the 1 May 1484 was dependent of the Sir of Bosses.
Also 1 friend of mine names Oscar Marguerettaz have find that the origin of the name in the Aosta Valley was due at a Spanish man that are officer of the pass of the Grand Saint Bernard (the pass in Saint Rhemy en Bosses and in the past time was one of the few crossing of the Italy and the north Europe.