Baptised at Stratfield, Vt. 1/30/1742/43 (History & genealogy of the Hubbell family. 3rd ed. Compiled & edited by Harold Berresford Hubbell, Jr. & Donald Sidney Hubbell. 1980. Brooklyn, NY : Theo. Gaus, Ltd., pg. 129.
Jacobus says he was a prominent Green Mountain Boy and served in the Revolution in Col. Herrick's regiment and Col. Walbridge's regiment. He was in the battle of Bennington in 1777. The records contain other data of service which might apply to his father, Elnathan. In Jan. 28, 1768 Elnathan of New Milford, Ct. was arrested for passing couterfeit bills in Newtown and Reading, Ct. [Iz]. This may be he; counterfeiting was not unusual at that time. Sources: Hubbell "History"; Jacobus, Old Fairfield an unknown place ; "Early NY settlers" Foley [As]; Conn counterfeiting [Iz] ; Hemenway, Vt. gazetter [Sx]. From: History & genealogy of the Hubbell family. 3rd ed. Compiled & Edited by Harold Berresford Hubbell & Harold Sidney Hubbell, Jr. 1980. Brooklyn : Theo. Gaus, Ltd., pg. 130. Death date confirmed by headstone.