Of Stratfield, Colony of Connecticut. Walter Hubbell's "History of the Hubbell family" (1915) says that James Hubbell resided in Stratfield in early life, and afterward moved to Stratford, removing with his son Andrew to what is now Easton, Ct. The following deed to Benjamin Fayerweather is well worth reading:

"Know all men by these presents that I, James Hubbell, of Stratfield, in ye County of Fairfield & Colony of Connecticot, (sic) in New England, for & in Consideration of exchange of other lands with Benj'a Fayerweather, of Stratfield, aforesaid, according to an instumint (sic) and his hand and Seal bearing even date with these presints (sic). The receipt whereof to my full content & satisfaction, I do hereby acknowledge & thereof & of every part thereof, do hereby acquitt, exonerate, & discharge the said Benj'a Fayerweather, his heirs, Excs, adms & assigns for ever. Have given, granted, bargaind (sic), sold, assigned, setover & confirmed, & do by these presents, give, grante, bargaine, sell, assigne, set over & confirme from me my heirs, excs & adms & assigns for ever; to say five acres of land, be it more or less lyeing, situate & being within the plantation of Stratfield aforesd. & is bounded on ye South East with the highway, on the north east with ye land of Mr. Charles Chauncey, on the North west with land now in ye possession of the widow Abigaile Hubbell, South west with ye land of Richd Hubbell & the heirs of Ebenezer Hubbell, late of New London, deceased; to gether with all ye fencing thereto belonging, & all other rights, priviledges & appurtenances to the same in any wayes eppertaining, as also twenty rod of fence there standing between ye sd Richd Hubbell & ye heirs of Ebenezer Hubbell aforesaid, besides my other twenty rod of fnce (sic) there standing between us haveing made the whle fourty rod of fence myselfe. To have & to hold all the above bargained premises & the same to possess & injoy (sic) fully, clearly & absolutely to all intents & purposes at his or their own proper esstate (sic) and inheritance for ever without any lett, claime or molesstation (sic) from me, my heirs, Execr or admds, or any other person or persons by, from or under or any of us for ever; affirming myself to be the true & propper (sic) owner of all the above bargained premesis, & in my selfe good right & law, full authority to dispose there of -- promissing (sic) & hereby covenanting to defend the same against other or former gifts, grants, bargains, sailes, leases, mortgages, assignments or any other incumbrance whatever. In witness whereof I have hereunto sett (sic) my hand & seal this fourteenth day of January, one Thousand Seven hundred & Six or Seven.
                         James Hubbell [SEAL.]

Signed, Sealed & Delivered in presence of us,
Matthew Sherwood
John Hall.

James Hubbell above Subscriber personally appearing before me, the Subscriber hereof acknowledged the same to be his free act & deed in Stratfield, this 14th day of January, 1706-7.
                         Matthew Sherwood, Justice.

A true copy of the originall Recorded by me this 14th day of January, 1706-7.
                         Samll (sic) Hubbell, Recorder.

The following survey of land was made in 1735:

"Stratford, December 18th, A.D. 1735. Yn wee the subscribers hereunto Surveyed & Laid out for James Hubbell a tract of Land of ye new three mile divition Laid ye same, west of ye halfway river, so called. Begin att (sic) a whiteoak Pole, Stone to itt, run thence N. 25d W. 72 rods to a heap of Stones, yn W 25d S 40 rods; said Stones in ye edg of a Swamp yn S. 9d E. 32 rods to a heap of Stones yn a Streight (sic) Line to ye Place Begun att; within all which Lines & Bounds is Contained 13 acres $ 40 rods of Land, & is Siesed, Lying in ye Six mile Place at 6 acors of ye new three mile divition & no more, and is Bounded on all Points with Common Land, & is ye 123d Lot in ye draught.
                         Done per us,                    Joseph Booth (
          Theophilus Nickols ( proprietors, Commttee."                Joseph Judson     (     

On May 6 1747 he was listed as a member of the "second gathering" of the Congregational church in Trumbull, then North Stratford.

Sources: Walter Hubbell's "History of the Hubbell family" (1888) wherein is noted that personal data was from Bible records furnished by Harvey Hubbell of Long Hill, Ct. and Mrs. Anne Maria Kellogg of Troy, NY; Jacobus, Old Fairfield an unknown place ; Gregory ancestry [Dt]; Curtis-Curtiss family [Es]; Beach, Trumbull [Tm]. Sources from: (History & genealogy of the Hubbell family. 3rd ed. Compiled & edited by Harold Berresford Hubbell, Jr., & Donald Sidney Hubbell. 1980. Brooklyn, NY : Theo. Gaus, Ltd., pg. 92).