Some records of the Revolutionary War aren't exactly clear as to who is meant, but it appears this Lemuel served with Capt. Briggs' militia in 1778, and with Capt. Robinson's company on alarm in October 1780 along with Bildad. He also was detached from Col. Walbridge's regiment for scouting in the vicinity of Ft. Ann in 1781. He was an early Burlington settler about 1790. There is interesting information in his pension application file which shows that he was resident in Bennington and first enlisted in Capt. Hopkins' company of minute men, and was called to go to Johnstown, NY in Jan 1776 to "take the cannon from Sir William Johhson." In a militia action that year he went to Onion River, Vt. "to move off the inhabitants on the frontier." He was at Saratoga for the surrender of Burgoyne, and had earlier participated in the battle of Bennington. His service seems to have continued in response to local emergencies. He was a Private and later Orderly Sgt (1778). Sources: Walter Hubbell's "History of the Hubbell Family (1915); Jacobus, Old Fairfield an unknown place ; NY State DAR Records [Av]; Otsego County newspaper death notices etc [C]; DAR Index [Ai]; Pension file [Ik]. From:
(History & genealogy of the Hubbell family. 3rd ed. Compiled & edited by Harold Berresford Hubbell, Jr., & Donald Sidney Hubbell. 1980. Brooklyn, NY : Theo. Gaus, Ltd., pg. 130).