"In the name of God, Amen. I, Richard Hubbell, of Paquonnock (sic), in ye County of Fairefield, aged seventy-two years or thereabouts, being at present in perfect health, and of sound memory and understanding, do make this my last will and testament in manner and forme following (viz:) I commit my body to the earth, to be desently buryed by surviving relations; my soul into the hands of Jesus Christ my blessed Saviour and Redemer, and as to what worldy estate God hath pleased to bless me with, I doo hereby give, bequeath, and will the same as followeth, (viz:)

Imprimis. I doo hereby ratifie and confirme unto my sonne, John Hubbell, decd, his heirs and assigns, whatever I have formerly given him as by deed of guift will appear, and to his sonne, Richard Hubbell, I give ye sume of five shillings, I doo ratifie and confirme to my sonne, Samuell Hubbell, Senior, whatsoever I have formerly given uim as by deed of guift will app. as also I doo give unto him five pounds in provision pay, to be payd him immediately after my decease.

It. I doo give to Ebenezer Hubbell, sonne of my sonne, Ebenezer Hubbell, fourty acres of land, to be taken out my long lott.

It. I doo give and confirme unto my sonne, Richard Hubbell whatsoever lands he doo now enjoy of myne, and what he shall see cause to improve within ye space of tenn years, of my long lott.

It. I do give and bequeath to my daughter, Elizabeth ffrost over and besides what she hath already had and recd of my, ye sume of Twenty pounds.

It. I doo give and bequeath to my daughter, Mary Newton, ys sume of ffive pounds.

It. I give and bequeath to my daughter, Martha Wakeman, over and besides what I have formerly given her, one heavie piece of eight.

It. I give and bequeathe to my sonne, Samuel Hubbell, Junior, over and besides what I have forerly given him as by deed of guift or otherwise shall app. what land he shall see cause ti improve in my long lott, not hereby disposed of.

It. I give to my daughter, Abigail ffrench, one Cow, and after my wife's desease, Tenn pounds my my moveable estate.

It. I doo give and bequeath to my daughtr, Sarah Hubbell, ys sume of one hundred pounds in currant provision pay.

I doo give and bequeath to my three sonnes, James, Joseph, and John Hubbell, all my lands not herein before given, to be equally divided between them, only my sonne James to have out of his guift ffoure acres of meadow in the great meadow; all the rest of my estate, reall and personall, I doo hereby give and bequeath to my loving wife, Abigail, during her naturall life, whome together, with my sonne, Samuel Hubbell, Senior, I do make sole and whole executors of this my last will and testament, to whome my just debts and legacies being first payd; I doo hereby give and bequeath all the rest of my estate not herein before given and bequeathed, still meaning and intending my wife not to have anything thereof longer than during her natural life.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seale, this fifth day of April, in the year of our Lord, 1699.

Richard Hubbell, his marke. RH

Sealed and delivered in ye presence of Isaak Knapp,
Jonas Pitmans."

The following is on the back of the foregoing will:

" November ye 20th, 1690, Isaak Knapp, Jonas Pitmans psonally apped before me and made Oath that ye within written instrument was sealed and delivered by ye within named Richard Hubbell, as his last will and testamt in their sight and presents.
                    Richard Blacklash (Blackleach) Justice."

In the original will his name is spelled Hubwell, and Walter Hubbell suggests that is how he pronounced it, theorizing that the scribe who wrote the will evidently did not know how to spell the name, so wrote it phonetically. There is certainly no other evidence to support that curious thesis, nor is there an immediately apparent reason for the equaly curious spelling. The will bears a seal impression to the right of his "RH." It is in faded red wax and shows a bird surrounded by a leaf motif. The will is in the archives of the State Library at Hartford, Ct.

The order of the Prerogative Court appears on the back of the will: "Sargt. Richard Hubbell being decsd, an Inventory of his Estate with A writeing in forme of A will being Exhibited to ye Prerogative Court in Fairfield, November 20, 1699, this court do Approve ye sd Inventory, and do order it to be Recorded, and this Court seeing so much of Inconsistansy in said will, do see Cause not to Allow, but do disapprove ye sd Will, and therefore do not se Cause to record the same; and this Court do Appoint and Impower Mr. Samuel Hubbell, Sr., and ye Widow Abigail Hubbell, Relict of sd Sargt. Hubbell, to Administer on sd Estate, to pay and receive all just debts to and from ye sd Estate, and to present, make, and return an account of ye Clear estate to ye said Court, or when called for; and they are hereby Impowered to place out ye children of ye sd Sargt. to some good trade at their best discresion."

"An Inventory of the Estate of Sargt. Richard Hubbell, deceased, of fairfield (sic) Vilage (sic), takn September 3, 1699, as followeth:               
                     [Pound symbol] #. s. d.

to one broad Cloth Cloake, #3; broad Cloath Coat, #3 10s., 6 10 0
One Sarg. Vest, #1 10s.; 1 ould Coat, 15s; 1 ditto, 10s., 2 15 0
One pair of ould Lether brichs, #1; 1 pr of Shoes, 9s.;
to stockings, 5s.,                     1 14 0
to Linen, 15s.; to 2 hats, 15s.; 1 sword and belt, #1 2s.      2 12 0
to 1 gun, #1 10s.; to 1 gun lock, 10s.; 1 vest, 1s.; 1 raisor, 2s.;
bullet mould, 2s.                     2 05 0
to books not given before to-day, 6s.; to 7 winscut bedsted, 1s. 07 0
to Curtin rods and Valens, #1 5s.; to fether bed and bolster, #5 6 05 0
to 1 Coverlid and 1 blanket, #2; 2 pillows and Coverlid yarn, 12s., 2 12 0
3 flock beds, #1 102.; 2 fether bolsters, 15s., 2 05 0
fethers and silkgras, 8s.; 11 sheets, #2 15s., 3 03 0
6 old Coverlids, 15s.; 1 blankit, 16s.; 2 New Coverlids, #2 10s. all, 4 01 0
1 Sale Coverlid, 15s.; 1 Winescut Chest and box, #1, 2 10 0
1 ould bedsted, 10s., 1 Trundle bedsted, 10s.; 1 ditto, 5s., 1 05 0
1 cupboard and Locke, #1 10s.; 1 ditto, 5s., 2 10 0
1 chest, 12s.; 1 trunk, 5s.; 1 Cupboard Cloath, 12s.; 1 cupboard
Cloath, Linen, 1s. 6d.,                      1 10 6
4 Chairs, 16s.; 3 Cushions, 6s.; 1 SMall Table, 10s., 1 12 0
2 Sider barrells, 4s.; 2 meat barrells, 4s.; 3 halfe tubs, 4s., 0 12 0     
Old Casks, 6s.; 2 runlets, 2s.; bredtray, 6d; Ridles, 6s., 0 14 6
3 handpails, 4s.; 2 small butter tubs, 4s.; Cheesefatts, 2s., 0 10 0
wooden ware, 4s.; 2 ould sines, 2s.; 6 Trenchers, 1s., 0 07 0
1 1/2 bushil, 1s.; 1 great table, 4s.; 2 spinning wheels, 10s., 0 15 0
1 hetchel, 10s.; cranks, 3s.,                      0 13 0
1 sieth, 7s.; 2 sickles, 5d.; 2 new hoes, 10s., 0 17 5
1 shovell, 4s.; 1 spade, 5s.,                     0 09 0
1 mathlock, 6s.; 2 old hoes, 2s.; 1 handsaw, 1s.,           0 09 0
2 narrow axes, 10s.,                0 10 0
1 ads, 5s.; 2 gimblits, 1s.; to sieth tackling, 3s.,           0 09 0
ould guage and chisell, 1s. 6d.,                0 01 6
ould Iron 4s.; 1 Lb of steell, 2s.; small Chain           0 06 0
8 sheeshears, 2s. each,                     0 16 0
pincers, 2s.; fire tongs, 3s.; tramells. 10s.,           0 15 0
firepeall, 6s.; hoarsegeers, 10s.,                0 16 0
2 hoarse collers, 4s.; bridle and saddle and cloath, #1, 1 04 0
1 pair of iron fetters, 6s.,                     0 06 0
36 pounds puter, at 2s. 6d. p lb., #4 10s., 4 10 0
10 pounds old peuter,                     1 05 0
1 bear pot, 4s.; great brase kitle, #6l small ditto, #1, 7 05 0     
1 brase skillit, 6s.; 1 bras pan and kitle and Candlestick, 9s., 0 15 0
1 ould warming pan, 10s.; Cup and Salt Seller, 2s., 0 12 0
9 spoons, 3s.; tunell, 6d.,                     0 03 6
1 iron pot, #1; ditto, #1 10s.; Cup and Salt Seller, 2s., 3 16 0
1Lamp, 2s. 6d.; driping pan, 7s.; 1 yoake with furniture, 3s., 0 12 6
A Cart and whels and boxis and bands and extra pins and hingpin,
and 1 all,                           1 10 0
1 great plow and Irons, #1 10s.; 1 small ditto and shear, 10s., 2 00 0
beetle and rings and wedgis, 7s.; 16 lbs. Nailes, 16s.; 1 diaper
Table Cloath, 10s.,                         1 13 0
5 diaper Napkins, 5s.; Table Lien, 2s. 6d.; Salt, 6d., 8 00 0
4 bushels, wheat, #1; 50 bushels Indian corn, 6s. 5d., 7 05 0
4 bags, 10s.; looking-glass, 2s. 6d.; to butter and meat, 10s., 1 02 6
to Wheat in ye barn, #2; to barley In ditto, #14, 16 00 0
To oats, #6; to rye, #1 4s.; to flax, #2; to haye, #7, 16 04 0
1 pair fat oxen, #12; 1 pair of working oxen, #12, 24 00 0
4 Cows at #4 pr pc.; 4 3-year old steers, #12; 4 2-year olds at #8, 36 00 0
2 weekes Calves, #1 10s.; 1 sorril horse, #3, 4 10 0
1 horse, #2; sheep at 10s. pr piece, #11 10s., 12 lames, at #3, 16 0 0
6 Swine, #6; 1 grindstone, 16s.; 1 Cow-bell, 6s.; 1 Cupboard, 8s., 7 10 0
1 box Iron, 4s.; 6d.; 1 grater, 16d.; 2 Earthen pots, 1s., 6 10 0
Cart ropes, 3s.; truill, 2s.; 1 branding Iron, 2s.; 1 barrell of pistol, 6s., 0 13 0
1 dwelling house, #30; 1 barn, #20, 50 00 0
4 acres of homlot with orchard; 1 acre pf it at #5, swamp and side
hill, ye other 3 acres at #10,                35 00 0
4 acres of English meadow, at #10 per acre,               40 00 0
24 acres of Land in ye homestead, at #7 per acre,      168 00 0
13 acres of Land near Capt. Sherwood, #6 per acre,           78 00 0
11 1/2 acres of land, lot at #6 per acre,                     69 00 0
5 acres ditto in Jackson's Neckle, at #8,                40 00 0
8 acres of meadow In Jackson's Neck, at 8 per acre,           64 00 0
6 acres of Land joining to ye homested, these Saml. Hubbell, Sen.,
hath Liberty by grant from his father to purchase at ye sum of
#40; and said Hubbell doth say before us ye subscribers, that
he doth now enter upon sd Land, and will pay the purchase,      40 00 0
The long lot #60, and all his right in perpetuall comons, #10, his
right in hauls necke,                          70 00 0
A parcell of land in Fairfield, lyeing near or between John Wakeman's
barn and Elnathan Sanford's house, to say 30 feet long and 20
feet wide, fronting to ye highway,                     1 00 0
2 Last divisions at Campo,                          4 00 0
4 1/2 acres Wheat on ye Ground,                     9 00 0
1 broad ax, 8s.; 2 forks, 15s.; shealing ax, 5s.; 10 Lb. ax. 2s.,      30 00 0

                               #736, 08, 0

This inventory taken pr. us, whose sd names are under written pr. order of ye selectmen of fairfield.
                         Matthew Sherwood.
                         James Benit.

The widow, Relic of Sargt. Richard Hubbell, apeared in ye prerogative Court, November 20, 1699, and made oath to ye truth of the above Inventory."
                         "Fairfield, March 14th, 1700.
To be addd to ye Inventory of Sargt. Richard Hubbell, deceased, as followeth. As ye widow presents.
                               #. s. d.
To Two ould augers                          00 02 0
To draft yock with ye Eyrrons,                00 06 0
Two 2 bushils of flax at 9s. per bushil,                00 12 0
Two 3 1/2 Acres of land at #5 5s. per acre,           18 07 6
To 8 Acres of field Land at #6 per acre,                48 00 0
To 1 Acre and quarter of medow at                10 00 0
To ye Portion of Lot yt was Isaak Sherwoods,           3 00 0

                               #80 07 6
Taken by us ye day and date above.
                         Matthew Sherwood,
                         James Benit.

                                   # s. d.
Brot forward,                          736 08 0
                               80 07 0
Total value of his estate as per inventories,           #816 15s. 6d.

"Rec'd of Sam'll Gregory and Matthew Sherwood, Jun., as persons appointed by the Prerogative Court held in Fairfield, March 19th 1700, to make distribution of the Estate of Seargt. Richard Hubbell, my deceased husband, the sum of Two hundred Thirty-five pounds Nine Shillings and Eight pence in houseing and lands and part of Commonage, and also the sum of Fourty Two pounds Nine shillings and Eight pence in Moveables, the same being my due proportion of said Estate, and also the sum of Sixteen pounds Thirteen shillings and three pence, Pr. order and on accnt., of Josiah Stevens, the same being the present due proportion of his wife Sarah Stevens, her right in said Estate. I say Rec'd March 25th, 1700, Pr. me.
                         Abigail Hubbell."

"Rec'd of Samu'll Gregory and Mathew (sic) Sherwood, Jun., as persons appointed by the Prerogative Court, held in Fairfield, March 29th, 1700, to make of the Estate of my father, Sarg't Richard Hubbell, deceased, the sum of Seventy Pounds, Five Shillings and Nine pence, the same being the present due proportion of sd Estate, in right belonging to my selfe, as son to sd Richard Hubbell, deceased. I say it was Rec'd March 25th, 1700 by me.
                              Richard Hubbell."

(History & genealogy of the Hubbell family. 3rd ed. Compiled & edited by Harold Berresford Hubbell, Jr., & Donald Sidney Hubbell. 1980. Brooklyn, NY : Theo. Gaus, Ltd., pg. 44).