(Editor's note: the following is a letter written by Cecil Dunscombe to his wife, Marie. It was written in French and has been translated by Hannah Dunscombe. The son mentioned is (Cecil) Edward Dunscombe (1916-2011). "Caroline" is Marie's sister, Carolina Marguerettaz).

United States Atlantic Fleet
U.S.S. Pennsylvania, Flagship

90 Postmaster, New York City
20 October 1916

My dear Marie,

How are you today, my sweet poppet of all that I love? And how does Monsieur his Majesty our son feel? I hope that both, especially you, are taking care of yourself. Is the old hat as pretty as before? It is truly a fashion that suits you well. But I suspect that if you run without running to Abraham & Strauss, (?) and on Smiths St. you will find others just as incomparable. And also one day it is necessary that you visit le Miel Station for a discussion with the doctor. The fresh air will have a (?) effect on the kid; maybe you will have more time to walk in the park when your terrible husband is a little less far. It will be good for you both. Don't forget an appetizing and nourishing dinner each night, it's necessary for the little one.
Here, it's not very good weather. Without a doubt you understand, it is quite difficult to enjoy the splendid weather of the city during Autumn (sic). Everyday, rain, fog, wind, and the like. But me, I assess the water like a king his liquor, with you in my heart I am calm. Let me know if you are upset this month, and if the baby has a glass of your milk. (?) the joy of our return will be around the 20th of November; my God you will have to look at the turkeys through the eyes of a connoisseur.
Since I've not been with you, I'm pleased that you have that hospital in your bedroom. My (?) language spoke a few words but it was just to tease you. I ask that you pray to that each day, and that you brush your teeth, too. Give me news of your teeth, visit the dentist. My greetings to Caroline, a good kiss for the little one, and for you my package of herbs for the soup. I send kisses (for you) and am thinking of you and I love you always,

Your husband, Cecil