From the book "Descendents of William Judson of Connecticut" Compiled by Linda-Jeanne Dolby (nee MacLoon): "Joseph was 15 when his father came to New England. He lived with him at Concord, Massachusetts for 4 years before moving to Stratford, Connecicut and in his 25th year married Sarah, she being 18 yers of age. He was a leading man in the early days of the colony, being frequently called to sustain the duties of public office. A Freeman in 1658, a deputy in 1659, he took an active part in political affairs and for 13 years was a Representative of the General Assembly. He was the highest military officer in the town for many years. In 1661 he made a purchase of a large tract of land known as the Mohegan Hills, containing about 5,000 acres. He was a founder of Pomeroage, which later became part of Woodbury, CT. In 1675 he returned to Stratford, for protection, because of King Philip's War and on November 1, 1675 was appointed on a Committee "to act according to ye order of the General Assembly respecting fortification". The train-band of Stratford had officers appointed June 1672 and he was appointed Lt. and engaged in King Philip's (or Naragansett War)in 1676. He was given special mention in "Colonial Records" as a capable field officer and a distinguished officer in this Indian War. He returned to Woodbury where he was a member of the General Assembly for many years and a Commissioner of the town. He was married to Sarah Porter on October 24, 1644 in Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut. They had 11 children.

In 1812 the old burial monument was erected by his decendants, replacing the practically effaced by time. It reads:
"Sacred to the memory of Joseph Judson , and Sarah, his wife. Joseph died October 8, 1690 - aged 71 years. Sarah died March 16, 1696 - aged 70 years. Joseph came from England when 13 years old in 1634 with his father, William, and two brothers and resided in this Town."