Dunscomb, Christian (Bermuda Archives Book of Wills)

will dated: 29 May 1829

will proved: 23 July 1835

In the name of God amen : I, Christian Dunscomb, of Pembroke Parish in the Islands of Bermuda, Widow of Edward Dunscomb, deceased, do make and declare this for my last Will and Testament. --

Impremis: I devise that all my just Debts and Funeral Charges be paid as speedily after my decease as decency will permit. --

Secondly: I give and bequeath one full moiety or half part in value of all my personal property, goods, debts and effects, unto all and every the children of my Son John Dunscomb, who may be living at my decease, their Executors, Administrators, and assigns, to be equally divided among them share and share alike. --

Thirdly: I give and bequeath the other full moiety of half part in value of all my personal property, goods, debts, and effects, unto my same Son John Dunscomb, his Executors and Administrators; nevertheless, in trust for, and to the sole use and benefit of my daughter Sarah Martha (the wife of William Williams of Pembroke Parish aforesaid) and all and every of her children who may be living at my decease, equally to be divided among my said Daughter and her said children: but at such times and in such portions, as their necessities may require, and as may seem best and most advisable for them, to my said Son, his Executors and Administrators.

Lastly: I revoke all former Wills by me made, and appoint my said Son John Dunscomb, the Executor of this my Will; to which I have set my hand and Seal this twenty-ninth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty nine.

Signed, sealed and published as her last Will

And Testament by the said Christian Dunscomb ? ?

In presence of us: -- -- Stowe Wood --

Jos. J. Dill -- John Jo. Will. Dunscomb

Bermuda, alias ) The Honorable Henry G. Hunt Acting Governor Commander in Chief & Ordinary in

Somers Islands ) and over these Islands…?…?…?

(? ?) I do hereby certify that on the twenty third day of July 1835, before me the Governor and Ordinary aforesaid, personally appeared Joseph J. Dill Esquire, one of the subscribing Witnesses to the foregoing Instrument of Writing, who solemnly made Oath on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty

God, that he saw the Testatrix Christian Dunscomb sign, seal and duly execute the same as and for

Her last Will and Testament; and that at the time of such execution She the said Testatrix was of sound, disposing mind, memory and understanding, to the best of his the deponent's judgment; and that he also saw Stowe Wood and John J.W. Dunscomb subscribe their names as witnesses thereto.-- In testimony whereof the Governor and Ordinary aforesaid having hereunto set my ? and Seal at Arms the day and year above written. --

Henry G. Hunt Actg. Gov.

By His Honor's Command)

Charles (Fozand?) Deputy Colonial Secretary