From Reading Pa. newspaper ca. 1945:

Reading Man "Hits Beach" with Coast Guard at Okinawa
Lack of opposition is pleasant surprise to invading force.

A Reading man, Seaman Second Class Andrew Misura, of 624 Willow St., was aboard a Coast Guard landing ship which participated in the invasion of Okinawa. Misura and his crewmates began moving toward shore at 8 a.m. on L-Day. Steeled for the type of opposition encountered at Iwo Jima, they were surprised to find nothing but desultory machinegun fire hampered their approach.
Shortly after Misura and his comrades hit the beach, they heard the welcome news that the Navy's barrage had been moved farther inland to support the advancing troops. The beachhead had been secured.
Picture caption: Andrew Misura, 624 Willow St., servces aboard a Coast Guard manned LST, which participated in the latest amphibious landings on Iwo Jima, Jap-held base in the Volcano Islands. His ship landed marines during the first day of the assault on the enemy stronghold. In civilian life, Misura was employed by the Parish Pressed Steel Company.

Another news item:

Seaman Second Class Andrew Misura, of the Coast Guard, is a crew member of one of the first LST landing boats to hit the beaches of Iwo Jima Island. Besides his duties aboard the ship, Misura also belongs to the ship's boarding party, a group of sailors who go to the aid of marines on the beach if the going becomes difficult. When in action these coast guardsmen carry a rifle, bayonet and a full marine kit. A brother, Coxwain's Mate Mike Misura, is serving with the navy. They are the sons of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Misura, of Reading.