In 1849 he was settled over the North Church, Springfield, Mass. In February 1858 ordained as first pastor of the American Church at the Rue de Berri, Paris, France. On return from France in 1860 was called to the North Congregational Church, Haverhill, Mass. and remained in this pastorate until his death at Haverhill. The University of New York conferred upon him in 1864 the degree of D.D. On January 2, 1856 he delivered the Annual Election Sermon before the Governor and Council of Massachusetts. It was characterized by beauty of style and a thououghly American spirit (Stuart, Inglis. The Mayflower ancestry of Elizabeth Ely Goodrich and her descendants. Rhinebeck, NY : Rhinebeck Gazette Press, 1932).

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APRIL. 1st, 1852. [published by order of the church.]

Rev. Raymond Hoyt Seeley, the sixth Pastor, was ordained July 5th, 1843. The council consisted of the Rev. Horace Bushnell, D.D., Hartford, Noah Porter, D. D., Farmington, Elisha C. Jones, Soutlington, Aaron C. Beach, Wolcott, Merrill Richardson, Terryville, and Harvey D. Ketchell, Plymouth Hollow; with their delegates, and Deacons Sherman
Smith, Burlington, Roderick Stanley, Plainville, and
Brother Barnabas W. Root, Plymouth. Rev. Horace Bushnell, D. D., preached the sermon. Mr. Seeley was dismissed by mutual consent, on the 24th day of January, 1849, on a call from a church in Springfield, Mass.,where he was reinstalled March lst,1849, where he remains. Mr. Seeley has left upon our records a very kind, tender and affectionate expression of his thanks for the many expressions of kindness and affection received at our hands, with his earnest prayers for the temporal and eternal happiness of ourselves and families. We find upon his record that thirty-two were added to the Church by profession, and fifty-nine by letters during his ministry, and that 45 were dismissed and recommended to other churches. Mr. Seeley was born at Norwalk February 19th, 1812; he graduated at New York City University in July, 1839, and at the Theological Seminary in New York, in 1842. Mr, Seeley and Miss Catharine L. daughter of Hon. Timothy Cowles of Farmington, were united in marriage October

2ND wife Fanny B. Stiles. Married Nov 18, 1857 in Morris, NJ.

History of Haverhill, Mass from 1640-1860. Paul Wingate Chase. Pub. 1861. Pg 612.

The North Church.

June 4, 1860, a call was extended to Rev. R.H. Seeley, which was accepted, and he was installed August 8th of the same year.

Rev. Raymond H. Seeley, is a native of Norwalk, Conn. He graduated at New York City University in 1839, and at the Union Theological Seminary, New York City, in 1842, and was ordained as pastor of the Congreational Church in Bristol, Conn., July 5, 1843. In March, 1849, he was called to the pastorship of the North Church in Springfield, Mass., where he remained until Feb. 1858, where he was selected to take charge of the American Chapel, in Paris. He remained in Paris until November, 1859, when he returned to Springfield, from which place he removed to Haverhill, in August, 1860.