The following is an extract written by her from Salem, N.Y., to her parents while they were living at Burlington, N.Y.:

"Salem, N.Y., 22d June, 1800
"Houn'd Parents... I went this day week to Uncle Robt's as Noble had a special business to Jos. Stewarts. I staid but half an hour there and returned to Archibalds to see my Grand Mother, who enjoys remarkable good health and whose tender affection for me & all the family merits a return of the warmest gratitude. She indeed is a most affectionate Old Woman and appears to live quite happily at Merrimans... Merriman is going to move to Ohio next fall... Uncle Samuel Stewart was there last Wednesday, and he really looks like hard times and like an old man. He came all the way from Bristol to purchase corn & had not found a bushel...
"Your Dutiful & Affectionate Daughter,
"Cynthia Stewart."

Severance, B. Frank. Genealogy and biography of the descendants of Walter Stewart of Scotland and of John Stewart who came to America in 1718 and settled in Londonderry, N.H. Greenfield, Mass. : T. Morey & Son, 1905, pg. 79-80)