"The Old White Church" a pamphlet published in 1897, the centennial year of the United Presbyterian Church of Salem, gives a list of the descendants of Robert Stewart, who have worshiped in that church, of which the following is a copy:

Mrs. Caroline Billings Austin.      Lucretia Bell.
George                          Elizabeth.
Bert                         Joseph.
(Mrs. Julia Bain Austin)               Irving
Bessie                         Henry Clark
Elsie                         (Mrs. Cornelia Wright Clark)
Mrs. Ella Austin McAllister               Will.
(Robert McAllister Jr.)               Mrs. Mary Clark Barnett.
Earl                         Mrs. Cornelia Clark Aiken
Mrs. Carrie Austin Closh               Alvah W.
Lewis Austin                    Charles.
(Mrs. Fannie Glenholm Austin)          Mrs. C.W. Wolff.
Nettie                         Mrs. Libbie Wolff Perkins.
Alfred Austin                    (Robert Perkins.)
(Mrs. Nettie Glenholm Austin)          Harold.
John M. Clark                    Ermine
(Mrs. Mary Guernsey Clark)               Baby.

(Severance, B. Frank. Genealogy and biography of the descendants of Walter Stewart of Scotland and of John Stewart who came to America in 1718 and settled in Londonderry, N.H. Greenfield, Mass. : T. Morey & Son, 1905, pg. 90-95).

Curiously enough my parents lived for a while, late 1970 till 1983, on Perry Hill Road between Salem and Shushan. They were parishoners at this church, and my father was a deacon or elder there. I recall the tall steeple, and the box pews with doors on the sides. I lived there with them from early 1971 till I went away to college in August 1972, then on and off again during vacations (EAD)