George was the second son of his parents (Browning, Charles. Americans of royal descent, 7th ed. Baltimore : Genealogical Pub. Co., 1969, pg. 68).

From Esquire of New Place, Netherhall, of Giffors's in Gilston, Hertfordshire.

Second son of John Chauncey and Elizabeth Proffit.

Husband of Lucy, father of John, George, Robert and Edward. Lucy died 25 April 1566.

Secondly, husband of Rose Cockes, widow of John Cockes. They were married at Gilston 01 June 157. Rose was living 1571.

Thirdly, husband of Jane Salisbury, widow of Harlow, Essex. Jane died 12 Dec 1579.

Henry held ten manors in four counties, including East Lenham and Crayford, Kent, Barcombe, sussex, Owne Hall, Netherhall and Gifford's Hertfordshire, Great Sampford, Little Sampford, Hemstead and Passebury, Essex. He built the capital messuage (a manor and all its outbuildings) of New Place, Gilston, Hertfordshire, as he was forced to leave Pishobury. In 1581, Henry and his sons George and Edward were accused of "seditious practices in favoring popery," popery being favoring Catholicism.

Henry is buried at Gilston with his wives.