John was one of the grantees of the new town. His farm was known as Precept Farm or Lot, and consisted of sixty acres. However, he was disatisfied with the way his land was laid out and petitioned to the General Assembly for redress:

"To the Honourable John Wentworth, Esq., Leutt Gvernor commander in chieff of Hampshr, and to the Generall Assembly of both houses.
"The humble petition of the subscribers to this Honourable Assembly, wee complean of wrong don to us and grivoos injustice in laying outt our land by unjust methods viz. that a part of our proprietors have taken their chois of all our cummons and we are nott allowed neither lott or chois and rendered unsheur of having our hom lotts made Equal with others, one method Dos not prevall hear to do as they would be done by. Wee the Complanentt Desire and make requeast for a practicable reull that may yealld saiftly to every party and thatt a magor vote may not cutte any propriator outt of his right by design or conning which shall further appear by a paper annexed here unto, which will make it appear morfully to have pracised hear on propertie hurttofore another the complanentt seke for redress from this Honourable house and your petitioners shall ever pray.
"May the 15th 1728.
"John Stewart & others."

John's petition was granted and he was given additional land