An inventory of the estate of John Stewart, Decd., taken by us:

To the real Estate that belonged to said Deceased to the home lot with the eleven acres Called the little lot: 4000 00 pounds
To a lot of Land Lying at West end of Cobbet's pond so Called: 2500 00
An acre of Medow in flat To a lot of Land lying in a Town Called Halesaches, No. 21, by Reporte to 21, Valued at: 181 00
To one yoke of oxen and live Stock: 729 00
To one old Carte, old plows and other farming utensils: 161 00
To two old Sithes and one harrow, old Iron bar, two old axes and other old utensils belonging to farming: 60 00
To one old gun one pair of old Pistols, old but lash: 30 00
Carried forward: 7661 00

To an Old Saddle and old bridle, old Cloath housand old Pannell and old Pillon: 30 00
To the wearing Apparels of the Deceased: 128 00
To the Household furniture, to three beds: 312 00
To Tables and old Desk, old Chest with Draws: 55 00
To Table Linen with other old articles: 18 00
To old Puter Knives and forks with other articles: 66 00
To an old Lucking Glass, two old flax Combs, other articles: 31 00
To four old Iron Pots and one Box Iron and other articles: 73 00
To twelve Chairs and other Great Chair and other articles: 30 00
To Syder Barrels, other articles: 30 00
To Linning yarn, three small house bibles with old Sarmon books: 58 00
To striped Linnen Cloath with flax: 39 00
To ten yards of Woolen Cloath and thirteen pounds of tobacco: 66 00
Sum Total in old Tenr: 8607 00

Province of New Hampshire. August the 13th, 1761
James Paul and Gain Armour Respectively made Solemn Oath that they had apprized the Particulars Contained in the above Inventory at the True Value according to the best of their Judgment
Sworn Before,

Matthew Thornton, Just. of Peace.