Prior to 1752 he moved from Londonderry, N.H. to Colrain, Mass., and came into possession of lot No. 43, upon which he lived. It was located well under the protection of Fort Morrison, to which the family resorted in time of danger from Indian raids, and where he, doubtless, served as defender under Capt. Israel Williams in 1756, and again under Capt. Samuel Wells in 1759.
Joseph was chosen one of the fence viewers in 1756; chosen fence viewer and collector in 1757. In 1760 he was chosen to manage the affairs of the town. In March 1768, he was chosen assessor but declined to take the oath. In 1757 he sold the south half of lot. No. 44 to Alexander Thompson bounded north by land of John Thompson and south by his own land. In 1762 he sold land in the second division to James Anderson Thompson; March 15, 1770 he sold his homestead but the family seem to have been living in the vicinity of Colrain until 1773.
After this date they seem to be pioneering through the southern towns of Vermont and we find them at Halifax and Bennington. He served in the Revolution under Col. Blair, Albany County, N.Y. In 1800 they appear in Washington County, N.Y. In 1719 Joseph and Hannah Stewart deed land to Joseph, 3d.
His birth date is established by the comment in Severance that he died Feb. 22, 1821, aged 100 years, one month, five days.