The first white child born in Bristol, Vermont. The following was written by one of her daughters:
"She was a born pioneer; it was different with her husband, he had left public life and probably a career behind him, to battle with the isolated life in the woods of what was then the western reserve. An incident of those early days my mother has told us children. It was this, She with her two neighbors were spending one afternoon together. Each of the three women had a child in arms. Suddenly they heard the squealing of the only pig in the neighborhood. They knew that the pig's assailant must be a bear, and at once all three with a child in arms sallied out to the rescue. It would never due to let the bear have the pig, consequently they chased after his bearship into the thick underbrush through which they could not see, but led by the squealing they at last came upon the dead pig which the bear had dropped while fleeing from three screaming women." (Severance, B. Frank. Genealogy and biography of the descendants of Walter Stewart of Scotland and of John Stewart who came to America in 1718 and settled in Londonderry, N.H. Greenfield, Mass. : T. Morey & Son, 1905, pg. 87-89).