Sherman L. Shaw, residing at Lee Center, is the owner of a farming property of six hundred and sixty acres in Lee, his native county. His birth occurred in Bradford township, October 5, 1864, his parents being James M. and M. Rebecca (Linn) Shaw. He comes of Scotch ancestry on the paternal side, while the Linns are of Irish lineage, and a representative of the name served in the patriot army during the Revolutionary war. His grandfather, Sherman Shaw, arrived in this county in 1836 and was one of the three first settlers in this part of the county. Only four years before had the Black Hawk war occurred and there were yet many evidences of Indian occupancy in all this section of the country. The forest stood in its primeval strength and the land was unclaimed and uncultivated, but Sherman Shaw resolutely undertook the task of preparing the fields for cultivation and in time was reaping bounteous harvests as a reward of his persistent and practical effort. He died in the year 1891 and his wife passed away in 1892, at the ages of eighty and seventy-five years respectively. They were laid to rest in the Woodside cemetery. The maternal grandparents were George Russell and Abigail (Stinson) Linn, natives of Maine, who came to Lee county in 1840. During the period of the Civil war James M. Shaw volunteered for active service, enlisting as a member of Company A, Thirteenth Illinois Infantry, being in the first regiment mustered in for three years. He died in 1876, at the age of thirty-eight years.

Sherman L. Shaw acquired his education in Lee Center and Dixon College, completing his studies when twenty years of age. He afterward remained at home upon the farm for a time and later rented land. On his grandfather's death he purchased the interests of the other heirs in the property and has since managed his farm, which is devoted to the raising of crops best adapted to soil and climate. He likewise engages to a considerable extent in stock-raising, making a specialty of hogs. The farm is improved with all modern equipments and accessories, and in all of his business career Mr. Shaw has been actuated by a spirit of enterprise, progress and improvement.

Mr. Shaw has been married twice. On December 22, 1892, at Amboy, he wedded Miss Anna K. Mynard, a daughter of Adam S. and Alvira Mynard. Mrs. Shaw died, leaving two children, Gertrude K. and Russell M., the former now a student in the Francis Shinier School at Mount Carroll, Illinois. On the 21st of June, 1905, Mr. Shaw was again married in Amboy, his second union being with Miss Grace E. Bender, a daughter of Rev. C. and Clarissa Bender. They have two children, Eleanor and Sherman L.

Politically Mr. Shaw is a republican, and his fellow townsmen, appreciative of his worth and ability, have frequently called him to public office. He has served as town clerk and as member and chairman of the board of supervisors and is now president of the board of education. He is much interested in all that pertains to the general welfare and has cooperated in many movements which have worked for the upbuilding and development of the community. From early life he has been identified with agricultural interests and the unfaltering industry and sound judgment which he has displayed in the management of his farm have gained him place among the most substantial agriculturists of the county.

History of Lee County, Illinois, 1914, vol. 2, by Frank E. Stevens