"The affidavit of Samuel Dunscombe and Thomas Sears, both of Pembrok Tribe, and aged each of them seventy three years or thereabouts. These deponents being duly sworn upon the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God upon their oaths do say that they severally knew Hannah Jadwyn, one of the daughters of Thomas Jadwyn, formerly of London, cutler, deceased, who had issue Robert Jadwyn, who died without issue, the said Hannah Jadwyn, and Susannah Jadwyn, alias Sharrowe, who has also no issue living, that these deponents knew of or have heard that the said Hannah Jadwyn intermarried with Thomas Dunscombe, late of these islands, by whom she had issue Jadwyn, Philip, Thomas, John, the said deponent Samuel, Nehamiah, Susannah, and Hannah, that Jadwyn Dunscombe died without issue and that Philip Dunscombe had issue Thomas Dunscombe now living, who was born in these islands, never in England, that these deponents, as either of them ever heard, of these, all the rest of the children of the said Hannah, except the deponent Samuel Dunscombe, are dead, and no issue living. And that they had heard the last will and testament of the said Thomas Jadwyn, formerly cutler of London, read, which said will bears the date the 4th day of November, 1626, and that they verily believe the above-mentioned Hannah Jadwyn to be and always reputed to be the eldest daughter of the said Thomas Jadwyn, the testator, from whom the said Thomas Dunscombe now living survives aforesaid. And further these deponents say not.

"Sworn to before His Excellency the Governor Samuel Dunscombe
this 8th day of November, 1705
the mark of
                          Thomas Sears

(Composite Volumes 4,3, p. 199-200)