Meets Death While Loading Flat Car
Ambrose Clark Is Killed At Marion By Being Struck By Piling
Workman Accidentally Slip on Car and Is Caught by Descending Timber
Dead Man Leaves Wife and Two Small Children.
MARION, March 19.(Special to Statesman): A sad accident occurred at this place last evening, resulting in the death of Ambrose Clark. Mr. Clark and two other men were engaged in loading a car of piling for Mr. George Keech. Mr. Clark and another man were upon the car arranging the piling which were being lifted by a derrick. In some manner Mr. Clark slipped and a descending piling struck his head and knocked him from the car. The injured man was a once removed to the nearby depot and Doctor W. Allen from Jefferson summoned. The accident occurred about half past five o'clock, and death ensued about one hour later. Everything possible was done to ease his last moments, but nothing could help him, his head being badly crushed. He never regained consciousness, dying before the doctor arrived. Mr. Clark was aged 34 years and leaves a widow and two small children. As far as can be learned he belonged to no beneficiary order and leaves his family only a small farm near this place. Mr. Clark's father who lives about six miles east of Salem, was summoned and arrived this morning. Other relatives of the deceased live in this county, among them F. M. Lick of Salem, who is an uncle Mrs. Clark's relatives, however, live in Nebraska, from which state the deceased and his family came about two years ago. Funeral services will probably be held tomorrow afternoon at one o'clock. The body will be interred in the cemetery at Marion. The sympathy of the community go out to the grief stricken family.