Thomas Dalrymple Civil War papers
transcribed by Pat O'Dell -
These documents are forms with appropriate data to be filled in - the highlighted words are the filled in data.

Document 1
State of Missouri, Town of Maryvill
I, Thomas Dalrympl born in Nodaway county in the State of Missouri aged Eighteen years, and by occupation a farmer DO HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE to have volunteered this fifteenth day of April 1863 to serve as a Soldier in the Army of the United States of America, for the period of THREE YEARS unless sooner discharged by proper authority. Do also agree to accept such bounty, pay, rations and clothing, as are, or may be, established by law for volunteers.And I, Thomas Dalrymple do solemnly swear, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the United States of America, and that I will serve them honestly and faithfully against all their enemies or opposers whomsoever; and that I will observe and obey the orders of the President of the United States, and the orders of the officers appointed over me according to the Rules and Articles of War.
Sworn and subscribed to, at Maryville, Mo
this 15 day of April 1863
before Alx. Gray J.P.
Thomas [his X mark] Dalrymple

Document 2
I Thomas Dalrymple desiring to VOLUNTEER as a Soldier in the
ARMY OF THE UNITED STATES for the term of THREE YEARS Do declare that I am eighteen years; that I have never been discharged from the United States service on account of disability or by sentence of a court-martial, or by order before the expiration of a term of enlistment; and I know of no impediment to my serving honestly and faithfully as a soldier for three years.
Given at Maryvill
the fifteenth day of April 1863
Jas S. Bainum
Thomas [his X mark] Dalrymple

Document 3
I CERTIFY ON HONOR, that I have minutely inspected the Volunteer, Thomas Dalrymple previously to his enlistment, and that he was entirely sober when enlisted; that, to the best of my judgment and belief, he is of lawful age; and that, in accepting him as duly qualified to perform the duties of an able-bodied soldier, I have strickly observed the Regulations which govern the recruiting service. This soldier has Blue eyes, Light hair, fair complexion is 5 feet 6 inches high.
Lieut Jas S. Bainum
Regiment of 11th Volunteers

Document 4
I certify, on honor, that Thomas Dalrimple a Private of Captain John Pound Company F of the 11th Regiment of Cavalry VOLUNTEERS of the State of Missouri born in Nodaway Co State of Missouri, aged 18 years; 5 feet 6 inches high; Fair complexion, Blue eyes, light hair, and by occupation a farmer, having joined the company on its original organization at Marysville, Mo, and enrolled in it at the muster into the service of the United States at St Joseph, Mo on the 19th day of July 1863 (or was mustered in service as a recruit, by....) to serve in the Regiment, for the term of three years; and having served HONESTLY and FAITHFULLY with his Company in his regiment to the present date, is now. Entitled to a DISCHARGE by reason of [this last statement is marked through] Dead, Died in Little Rock General Hospital June 15th, 1864, of chronic Diarhoea.
The said Private Thomas Dalrimple was last paid by Paymaster Maj Bailey to include the 31st day of December 1863 and has pay due him from that time to the present date; He has received from the United States CLOTHING amounting to 90.67 dollars, since the 15th day of March 1863, his clothing account was never settled. He has due from the United States 25.00 dollars BOUNTY and $2.00 Premium.
Given in Duplicate, at Little Rock, Arkansas, the 15th day of June 1864.
E.A. Clark
Surgn. 8" Mo Cav
In chg Genl Hospital

Document 5
Thomas Dalrymple Private Co F 11 Regt. Missouri Cavalry muster roll July 19, 63
Remarks: Advance Bounty and Premium not paid
July 19 to Aug 31, '63 present
Sep & Oct 1863 present
Nov to Dec 1863 present stoppage, #10.62 for Ordnance Stores Lost; Remarks: $25 Bounty & $2 Premium due 1 canteen & heave sack lost 98 cts
Jan to Feb 1864 present Remarks: bounty & premium due
Mch to Apr 1864 present Remarks: $25 bounty $2 premium due
May to June 1864 Remarks: Died from disease. Died at Genl Hospital Little Rock Ark June 15, 64
July 27, 1865 New Orleans, La. Remarks: Joined at orig. Died of disease at Little Rock Ark Jun 15/64. Final statement & Inventroy of effects Forwarded.

Document 6
of Priv Thos Dalrimple late of Company F 11th Mo at Little Rock Gen Hosp the 15th day of June 1864.
Proceedings of a Council of Administration: Convened at Little Rock Ark on the25 day of July 1864 pursuant to special order No 9, dated at Little Rock Gen'l Hospl July 2, 1864, consisting of James M. Vance Capt 7: Mo Cavly D. McL. Miller Asst Surg 28" Vir Infty A.W. Henderson Chaplain 13" Ills Cavly for the purpose of disposing of the effects of the late Private Thomas Dalrimple Comp F 11 Mo Cavly.
The council found that the effects consisted of the following articles. They are ordered to be sold at Auction, which was accordingly done, and the amount set opposite the articles respectively obtained, for which the receipt of the Paymaster is annexed.
1 Great Coat, 4.05
1 uniform jacket 1.50
1 pr trowsers 1.00
2 pr drawers .50
3 shirts 1.00
2 blankets 2.00
Approved: E.A. Clark, Asst Surg. U.S. Vols In chg Genl Hospl
Jas. M. Vance Capt Co D Cav
His effects were to be sent to: Mr A.S. Dalyrimple, Trinton, Missouri

Document 7
State of Missouri County of Nodaway, S.S.
On the 24 day of September, A.D. one thousand eight hundred and 77 personally appeared before me, Cleark [sic]of Couty [sic] Court the same being a court of record within and for the county and State aforesaid, Chancy Delrympal aged 71 years, who, being duly sworn according to law, makes the following declaration in order to obtain the pension provided by Acts of Congress granting pensions to dependent Fathers: That he is the father of Thomas B. Delrympal who enlisted under the name of Thomas B. Delrympal at Maryville, Mo, on the 1st day of June, A.D. 1863 in (1) Co F 11th Mo Cav in the war of 1861 who (2) died about the 1st of July 1864 at Duvals Bluff, Ark on the .....who bore at the time of his death the rank of Private in (3) Co F 11th Mo that the said son, Tomas B. Dalrympal left neither widow nor child under sixteen years of age surviving; that the declarant was married to the mother of said son at Jesee Roberts in Nodaway county, Missouri on the 11 day of May, A.D. 1845, by John M. Lamar Justice of the peace; that he was (4) partly dependent upon said son for support; that the mother of said son died near Maryville on the 16 day of Feb A.D. 1849; that there were surviving at date of said son's death his brothers and sisters, who were under sixteen years of age, as follows: Rebeca J. Dalrympal born February 7th, 1849. That he has not heretofore received nor applied for a pension (5)....that he has not aided or abetted the rebellion; that he hereby appoints S.W. Laeslie of Maryville Nodaway Co, Mo his Attorney to prosecute the above claim; that his residence is at No. near Maryville street, in the ...county of Nodaway State of Missouri and that his Post Office address is Maryville County and state aforesaid.
Jacob Miller
Reason Meek

Chancy Dalrymple [his signature]
signature of Claimant

Document 8
Adjutant General's Office
Washington D.C. May 29, 1880
I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt from your Office of application for Pension No 252,025, and to return it herewith, such information as is furnished by the files of this Office.
It appears from the Rolls on file in this Office that Thomas Dalrymple was enrolled on the 15 day of March, 1863, at Maryville, in Co F 11 Regiment of Mo Cav Volunteers to serve 3 years or during the war, and mustered into service as a Private on the 19 day of July 1863, at St Joseph, Mo., in Co F, 11 Regiment of Mo Cav Volunteers, to serve 3 years during the war. On the Muster Rolls of Co F of that Regiment for the months From date of Muster to April 30th 1864 he is reported present for duty. May and June 1864 Died at General Hospital Little Rock Ark June 15th 1864.

Final statement by E.A. Clark Surg 8th Mo Cavy in chge Genl Hosptl. shows him to have died in Little Rock Genl Hosptl. June 15th, 1864, by reason of chronic diarrhora.

I am, sir, very respectfully,
Your obedient servant
A.C. Corbin
To Commissioner of Pensions
Washington DC

--- Files Slip - No 252-025 Widow: father, Thomas B. Dalrymple F 11 Mo Cav - REJECTED