Will of Samuel Dunscombe

Bermuda ats
Somer Islands

In the name of God, Amen. I Samuel Dunscomb Senior of Pembroke Tribe in these Islands, Weaver,
being weake in Body but of Sound disposing mind and memory praised be God for it) doe make
this my last will and Testament in manner & forme following. I resigne my Soule unto Almighty God its Creator hopeing and not doubting of Salvation in & through the merritts & intercession of my Ever Blessed Saviour Jesus Christ & my Body I committ to the ground to be decently interred according to y: Discretion of my Executors hereafter named and that Small portion which it please God to give mee I bestowe it in manner following: I give unto my Son Samuel Dunscomb two Acres of land in Hamilton Tribe now in the possession of Sarah Wilder she paying to my Executors tenn pounds currant money within one month after my Decease, for to be divided amongst the rest of my Children which said two Acres of land Shalbe to my said Son Samuel Dunscomb his heires & Assignes for Ever, But if my said Son Samuel Dunscombe shall refuse or neglect to pay the Said Sume of Tenn pounds as aforesaid then in Such case I give the Said two acres of land to my three Sons Joseph Benjamin, & Jonathan and to the
Survivor or Survivors of them and to their heires and assignes for Ever. Also I give my Son Samuell
Dunscombe my Silver headed cane.

I give my Dwelling house in Pembroke Tribe and one Acre of land to it belonging unto my three
said Sons Joseph Benjamin, and Jonathan & to the Survivors of them and to their heires and
Assignes for Ever and neither of them to Sell their said parts (except to each other) also it is my
order and desire that my Daughters Martha and Hannah doo live in my said house untill they are
marryed (they buying one third of the provision for the family and one third of the charge for repairing of the Said house and one Milch (Corve?) (or milk cow?) and the Sheep to be kept for the Use of the family.

I give to my Sons Joseph & Benjamin my two best Chests and to Jonathan abox and to Hannah
my best bed and bed sted and curtains belonging to it.

all the rest and residue of my Estate of any kind whatsoever (after my debts and funerall Expenses are paid) I desire may be divided equally amongst all my Children only my said Son
Samuell not to have any par of the Same. Lastly I appoint my loving friend Mr Tho. Burton and my Daughter Hannah Dunscomb Executors of this my last will & testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto Sett my hand and Seale this 19th day of February 1705/6.

Sealed & Delivered (the words the rest of ) being first interlined in presence of us Samuel Dunscombe
(?) Saltus
Anthony Johnstone
Christopher Pitt

By His Excellency the Governor

These are to Certifye That this (1st?) day of November 1706 Personally Appeared before me the
Governor aforesaid Christopher Pitt (?) (?) Who hath Subscribed his name as a Witness to the Will Within Written And Solemnly made Oath on the holy Evangelists of Almighty God That hee Saw the above named Samuel Dunscombe Signe Seal and Deliver the Same Will or Writeing as hie last Will and
Testament and That attthesteing Thereof he was of Sound Mind and Memory. In Witness whereof I the
Governor aforesaid have hereunto Sett my hand the day & Yeare above. B Bennett

     The Will before written and the probate Thereof Recorded the 21st day of November 1706.
      (signature illegible)

               Inventory and Appraisment of the Personall Estate of Samuell Dunscomb                Senior Late of Pembroke Tribe Deceased Taken by us This (1st?)
               January 1706/7.


One table                                   00 08 00
1 Spinning Wheel                              00 03 00
1 Bed bedsted boulster and pillow                    01 04 00
1 Large Chare                              00 03 00
1 Cubberd ould                              00 04 00

                    South Chamber

1 Chare                                   00 00 00
1 Small Chist                              00 07 00
1 Large Chist                              01 10 00          
1 Chist ould                              01 10 00
1 Bed bedsted boulster & Covering                    01 00 00
1 ould Trundil bedsted                         00 01 04
2 ould (Lordes?)                              00 10 00

                    Northern Chamber

1 Large Earthen poot                         00 02 00
1 Chist                                   00 16 00
16 1/3 pounds ould puter                         00 13 09
1 Lume and furniture                         01 00 00
1 Iron (?)                                   00 07 00
1 Small Iron poot                              00 05 00
1 Large Iron poote ould                         00 07 00
1 Ax ould                                   00 02 00
1 Brass Kittell ould                              00 08 00
1 Staffe and grane                              00 03 00


1 Paill and pces of Goord                         00 02 08
2 Cows                                   04 00 00
1 Calfe                                   00 12 00
2 Sheepe                                   00 18 00
1 Boote Much out of Repaire                         00 10 00
                                   16 09 06

                              Carried over

One Dieper Table Clooth & Towell                    00 06 00
2 Ham bro Napkins                              00 01 06

Bedsted boulster & pillows & Sheet and Curtins               04 00 00
                                   04 07 06
                         Brought over     16 09 05
                         Sum Total     29 16 11

Order and (Give?) (to?) (?) (?) of all (?) personall Estate of Mr. Samuell Dunscombe (?) (?) (?) that was brought to (?)

                                   (?) (?)

                                   (?) (?)
                                   (?) Writer

                    (?) (?) the (?)