Lois Higbee of Alamo Nevada passed away in her home at the age of 90 on August 26th 2013.
Lois was born Nov. 4th 1922 to Theresa Stewart and Charles Earl Wadsworth, of Alamo NV.
Lois began her early school years between Alamo and Caliente. She started first grade in the fall of 1929 in Caliente. At this time her father and his brothers owned a store and ran a hotel there in Caliente. In the 1930ís the depression hit and the family had to move to Las Vegas for employment. Lois graduated from Eighth grade in Las Vegas.
Longing for the Beloved Valley they all called home, the family moved back to Alamo. Lois continued her education there at Pahranagat Valley where she graduated from High School in 1941. Lois was the oldest of 6 children, Vera, Nedra, Lorna, Charles and Sharron.
Lois Married her High school sweetheart, Edwin Higbee on Sept. 26th 1942. She began her life as a wife and mother. The first few years brought heartache and sorrow because of the loss of her First babies.
Finally Susan, VeraDell, Ed, and Richard were born they were the joy of her life. The things that meant the most to her were her children and her grandchildren.
She was divorced in 1964 and moved to Las Vegas where she worked at First Western Savings. This didnít last long and she and the kids soon returned home to Alamo. She worked as Secretary at Pahranagat Valley High School for 25 years. During this time she enjoyed traveling on many trips with the students and they all respected and loved Lois.
After retirement she served for 14 years in the Las Vegas Temple. She has been a strength and great example to her family and all who knew her.
Preceded in death by her parents Earl and Theresa Wadsworth, Sisters Lorna Dugger and Nedra Shumway. Her children baby Higbee and twins Garth and Gayla Higbee.
Funeral services were held Saturday August 31st at 11:00 at the LDS church in Alamo.
Interment wasat the Alamo Cemetery under the direction of Southern Nevada Mortuary.