Letter from Veterans Administration dated May 25, 1933:

Mrs. Marie M. Bisher as Gen Gdn. of Cecil E.J.F. Dunscombe,
221 Gates Ave.
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Dear Madam,

A review of all claims in which payments of benefits were being made on March 29, 1933 was undertaken for the purpose of determining entitlement to benefits provided by Public No. 2, 73d Congress, entitled "An Act To maintain the credit of the United States Government."
Your claim has been carefully reviewed in accordance with the provision of the above entitled Act, and on the evidence of record in your case it has been determined that you are entitled to, and there is being approved in your favor, effective July 1, 1933, an award of pension in the amount of $15.00 monthly, to April 14, 1934, on account of the death of the veteran being due to war time service.
Regulations promulgated pursuant to the provisions of Public No. 2, 73d Congress, provide that, except as to degree of disability, an application for review on appeal may be filed within six months from the date of this notice, or July 1, 1933, whichever is the later date. In the event you contemplate filing such an application it is suggested that it be deferred until after July 1, 1933, when the condition of the work incident to the review of claims will permit of expedited action on applications of this character.

By direction,
George E. Brown
Director of Compensation