Will of Thomas Dunscombe, October 19, 1613, proved June 9, 1614 by George Dunscombe (abstract:)

To my wife Mary for life for her jointure my mansion house etc. of Dunscombe in Crediton and my lands etc. in "Venytedburne" & "Oldrudge," remainder to my dear & well-beloved cousin George Dunscombe of London Gent. and his heirs for ever, to whom also my Manor & Park of Colrudge for 100 years subject to payment of my debts & legacies.
To my dear mother Mrs. Joan Austen a ring.
To my uncle Walter Dunscombe 5 pounds & to his son Thomas Dunscombe 10 pounds.
To my aunt Mary Rudge 5 pounds.
To Clement Dunscombe son of George Dunscombe 10 pounds.
To Jane Ashurst the yr. 10 ponds.
To Elisabeth Ford daughter of Mary F. 5 pounds.
To Robert Dunscombe son of Thomas Dunscombe 10 pounds.
To Elizabeth Overing 5 pounds.
To Edward Dunscombe, son of Christopher Dunscombe 5 pounds.
If John Dunscombe, son of said Christopher Dunscombe do release all his right etc. in my manors & heredits. to my cousin George Dunscombe the heir of my house, I give him 100 pounds and 1/2 my tenement in Pury als. Pyworthy now in occupation of one Burnbury.
If Oliver Dunscombe son of Robert Dunscombe likewise releases all his right, I release him from a debt of 50 pounds that he owes me.
The said George Dunscombe my cousin and the heir of my house to be my executor.
(W) Tnomas Harrison, Ri: Waltham. Tho: Vilvayne, Tho: Poyntington