The following letter was received by me in response to an inquiry about the grave of Edward Dunscomb. Notes in the Dunscombe family bible indicated he was buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery:

Mount Olivet Cemetery and Funeral Home
1101 Lebanon Road
Nashville Tenn. 37210

Sept. 8, 1990

Mr. Edward Dunscombe
302 E. Edward St.
Endicott, N.Y. 13760

Dear Mr. Dunscombe:

Our records show all of lot 6, Section 1 containing 1785 sq. ft was purchased by Anson Nelson under Deed 368 for $446.25. This land is on a hill and into the hill was erected and placed a vault. Mount Olivet's first written records go back to 1856 and a deed with the low number 368 plus the fact it is in Section 1 show this property was one of the early lots in this cemetery. At that time there was danger of grave robbers and so bodies were often placed in a vault until such time as burial on the grounds was suitable. Also if the weather was very bad or some of the family could not get here at that time bodies were placed in a vault and later services were held for the family. If property had not been purchased by the family and they wanted to wait to make that selection bodies were placed in the vault. The bodies might stay in the vault only a few days, for weeks, months, and in some cases were left in the vault. The cemetery had a public vault, and rented space by the month to those who wished to use it. According to our early records, a number of people were given permission by Mr. Nelson to use his vault. There were (and are) four vaults on this same hill but Mr. Nelson's vault seems to be the one used almost all the time. Since there is no way to determine when each vault was put into use - not even the cemetery vault - it is possible his was the only one available for some time. In the will of Fannie D. Nelson, Anson Nelson's widow, this property was turned over to Mount Olivet Cemetery. On this property are buried:

Henry Nelson, age 35 years, cause of death congestion of the bowels, placed in vault 12-13-1879. There
is not indication he was ever moved.
Anson Nelson was buried 8-07-1892.
Nat R. Nelson was placed in the vault 11-07-1893 and to the best of our knowledge never removed.
Mrs. Fanny D. Nelson, age 75 years, cause of death uremia, buried 9-26-1914.
Dr. Edward Dunscomb was buried 2-09-1895.
Mrs. Cecilia G. Dunscomb, age 82 years, cause of death paralysis, buried 3-15-1902.

Enclosed are two snapshots - one is of the vault - on the right next to it stands the Calhoun vault which is about the same size. I have never been inside - I asked the grounds foreman who has been here about ten years and he has never had occasion to go inside - the lady who is now acting manager who has worked for Mount Olivet about eighteen years says she has never been inside. Normally the keys of a vault are held by the family but since this actually belongs to Mount Olivet they are probably on file. On top of the hill to the left of the branches are two markers. On one there is no writing of any kind. The one pictured should be sitting on the base you see behind it but since there is no one to pay for the work necessary it is simply propped in front of the base. You may be able to make out the lettering - EDWARD DUNSCOMB July 7, 1806 Feb 6, 1895 Cecile Grosschoppf His wife 1821-1902. CHRIST OUR HOPE OF GLORY Col. 1-27.

I have checked our records and we have no one else buried in Mount Olivet with the same spelling of Dunscomb and I note that you use an "e" at the end of your name. I trust this information will be of interest to you. The charge for this research and pictures is $5.00. If we can be of further help please feel free to write us again.

Flo Perry

(Note - I received a later letter indicating the cemetery was taking responsibility for repair of the monument. They included a photo of the repaired tombstone).