Military file, including:

Camp Sussex September 27th 1861. Lieut. Col. J. Kilpatrick Commanding Harris Light Cavalry.

Owing to much dissatisfaction existing in my command since I have been appointed Captain in this Regiment I hereby tender my resignation which I hope will be accepted. I resign - not with the intention of leaving the regiment or the service, but for the purpose of preserving harmony and good order in the company to which I am attached - and also that I may be able to recruit an additional company for the Regiment. The resignation to take effect the 1st Dec. 1861.

All of which is respectfully submitted by your obedient servant,

Edward Dunscomb
Capt. Com. Comp. K
Harris Light Cavalry

The company muster-out rolls state he was last paid October 31, 1861.

Related document: Pension application for Civil War service:

                    Department of the Interior
East Div.                Bureau of Pensions
MA Ex'r.               Washington, D.C. Mar 23, 1892
No. 832,542
Edward Dunscomb
Co. K 2 NY Vol. Cav.

Sir: It is alleged that Edward Dunscomb enlisted June 16, 1861 and served as a (?) in Co. "K", 7 Reg't N.Y. Vol. Cav. also as a A.A. Surg. U.S. Army and was discharged at Washington D.C., Oct. 1, 1861. It is also alleged that while on duty at or near Bladensburg D.C. (editor's note: there is a Bladensburg, Maryland) on or about Aug., 1861, he was disabled by contracted chronic diarrhea & resulting disease of liver and was treated in hospitals of which the names, and dates of treatment are as follows: Regt. Hospital. In case of the above-named soldier the War Department is requested to furnish an official statement of the enrollment, discharge, and record of service so far as the same may be applicable to the foregoing allegation, together with full medical history. Please give the rank he held at the time he is claimed to have incurred the disability alleged, and if record show that he was not in line of duty during that period, let the fact be stated.
Very respectfully,

(?) B Raun, Commissioner
The Officer in Charge of the Record and Pension Division, War Department.

War Department - Record and Pension Division
Respectfully returned to the Commissioner of Pensions.
Edward Dunscomb, Co. K, Reg't 2 N.Y. Cav. was enrolled Aug 28, 1861 and discharged Oct. 1, 1861 on tender of resignation per S.O. # 85 par 1 A. of (O.?) 1861 because of dissatisfaction existing in his command formerly Known as Co K of U.S. Cav.
From (?), 186- , to Disch, 186- he held the rank of Capt and during that period the rolls show him present. Other records furnish nothing additional bearing upon this case.
The medical records show that Edward Dunscomb, Act. Asst. Surg., U.S. Army, served under contracts made and terminated as follows: contracted May 6, 63; terminated July 31, 63: contracted July 29, 63; terminated Nov. 16, 64. No record of disability or of treatment found as of either organization.
By authority of the Secretary of War: (?)(?)(?), Major and Surgeon, U. Date Mar 28 1892 (Commissioner of Pensions.)

Act of May 11, 1912
Declaration for Pension
The pension certificate should not be forwarded with the application.

State of Nevada, County of Elko, 88: On this... day of June, A.D. one thousand nine-hundred and Twelve, personally appeared before me, a....... within and for the county and State aforesaid,..... who, being duly sworn according to law, declares that he is 74 years of age, and a resident of Midas, county of Elko State of Nevada; and that he is the identical person who was enrolled at New York City State of New York, under the name of Edward Dunscomb on the 30th day of August, 1861, as a Captain, in the 2d Regiment Cavl. New York Vols, also known as the Harris Light Cavalry, in the service of the United States, in the Civil War, and was honorably discharged by Resignation at Washington D.C., on the 1st day of October, 1861. That he also served as surgeon in charge of the Steamer (Government) John Brooks with sick and wounded from Fortress Monroe to Philadelphia Pa. Dr. (Keylertons?) Medical Director at the time at Fortress Monroe & made several trips was a student of medicine at the time - U.S. Army was very short of surgeons at this time - served this way in 1861 - early (summer?) over (four?) months after graduating at the University of New York. That he was not employed in the military or naval service of the United States otherwise than stated above. That his personal description at enlistment was as follows: Height, 5 feet 10 1/2 inches; complexion, Light; color of eyes, Blue; color of hair Light Brown; that his occupation was 2d. Course student of medicine; that he was born in New York City, 1838, at Houston Street, on the 12th of October 1838.
That his several places of residence since leaving the service have been as follows: I have practiced medicine about All my life since, at Shanghai China 7 years. Kansas City Mo. 10 years - Colorado 25 years. Nevada about seven years.
That he is a pensioner under certificate No. 1.137.315. That he has --- applied for pension under original No. 1131315. That he makes this declaration for the purpose of being placed on the pension roll of the United States under the provisions of the Act of May 11, 1912. That his post-office address is Midas, county of Elko, State of Nevada.
Attest: (1) John W. Cody
(2) M. J. Paisley Claimant's signature in full: Edward Dunscomb
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 5th day of June, A.D. 1912, and I hereby certify that the contents of the above declaration were fully made known and explained to the applicant before appearing, including the words --- erased, and the words ---, added, and that I have no interest, direct or indirect, in the prosecution of this claim.

My commission expires April 26, 1915 Arthur A. Primeaux
                     Notary Public
(editor's note: Dan Bennett informs me that Arthur A. Primeaux was the owner of a local general store).
Following note in margin of this page: (several illegible words) Asst. Surgeon (?) Shuyler New York Sound, then was sent to Calif. (?) (?) Fort (?) Washington about two years, and three months.
(?) (?) (Official Character.)
(editor's note: possible a reference to Fort Schuyler. Dan Bennett with the Friends of Midas organization informs me that John W. Cody was a popular miner in early day Midas and was killed in a mine accident. Michael J. Paisley was a character who was always "around" but seemed to never have any visible means of support).

           Declaration for an Original Invalid Pension

This must be Executed before a Court of Record or some Officer therof having Custody of the Seal.
State of Colorado, County of Garfield, SS. On this 2d day of march A.D. one-thousand eight hundred and 91 personally appeared before me .............. of the............... a Court of Record with and for the County and State aforesaid Edward Dunscomb aged 51 years, who, being duly sworn according to law, declares that he is the identical Edward Dunscomb who was enrolled as a Captain on the 16 day of June, 1861, in Company K of the 2d regiment of N.Y. Cav. of "N.Y. Vols.) commanded by self, and was honorably discharged at Washington D.C. on the 1 day of October, 1861; That his personal description is as follows: Age 51 years; height 5 feet 10 1/2 inches; complexion Light hair Gray; eyes Blue. That while a member of the organization aforesaid, in the service and in the line of duty near Blandensburg in the District of Columbia on or about the month of August, 1861, he contracted chronic Diarrhea and resulting disease of the liver, from which he has suffered ever since.
That he was treated in hospitals as follows: Was not treated in Hospitals, He was a student of medicine at the time and he treated himself. That he has never been employed in the military or naval service otherwise than as stated above except as Acting Asst. Surgeon U.S.A. from 1863 to 1864. That since leaving the service this applicant has resided in the U.S. in several States, and that his occupation has been that of a Physician. That prior to his entry into the service above-mentioned he was a man of good, sound, physical health, being when enrolled a 2d course student of medicine. That he is now 3/4 (Three quarters) disabled from obtaining his subsistence by manual labor by reason of his injuries, above described, received in the service of the United States; and he therefore makes this declaration for the purpose of being placed on the invalid pension roll of the United States. He hereby appoints with full power of substitution and revocation, F.G. Coldren, of Washington, D.C., his true and lawful attorney to prosecute his claim. That he has not received but has applied for a pension (claim No. 832,542) that his residence is No......... street............. and that his Post office address is Glenwood Springs, Colo.
J.M. (Dollison?)
M.J.(Bartley?)                Edward Dunscombe, M.D.
(Two witnesses who can write sign here) (Signature of Claimant)

And personally appeared M.J. Bartley residing at Glenwood Springs Garfield County Colorado and J.M.
(Dollison?) residing at Glenwood Springs persons whom I certify to be respecting and entitled to credit, and who being by me duly sworn, say that they were present and saw Edward Dunscomb, the claimant sign his name (make his mark) to the foregoing declaration; that they have every reason to believe from the appearance of said claimant and their acquaintance with him that he is the identical person he represents himself to be; and that they have no interest in the prosecution of this claim.

                              M.J. Bartley
                              J.M. (Dollison?)
                              (Signature of Affiants)
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 2nd day of March A.D. 1891, and I hereby certify that the contents of the above declaration, &c., were fully made known and explained to the applicant and witnesses before swearing, including the words "State of" .......... erased, and the words "District of"........ added; and that I have no interest, direct or indirect in the prosecution of this claim.

                              John S. Noonan
                         Clerk of the (?) Court Garfield Co. Colo.

                    Department of the Interior
                    Bureau of Pensions

Sir: Please answer at your earliest convenience, the questions enumerated below. The information is requested for future use, and it may be of great value to your widow or children. Use the inclosed envelope, which requires no stamp.
                    Very respectfully,
                    (?)(?)(?) (signature illegible)

No. 1 Date and place of birth? Answer. New York City, October 12th, 1838.
The name of organizations in which you served? Answer. First-In 1861-Second Regiment New York Vol.
Cavalry, as Capt. of Co. 2d. Act. Asst. Surgeon U.S.A.
No. 2 What was your post office at enlistment? Answer. New York City - both times.
No. 3 State your wife's full name and her maiden name. Answer. I have no wife.
No. 4 When, where and by whom were you married? Answer. #
No. 5 Is there any official church record of your marriage? Answer. #
If so, where? Answer. #
No. 6 Were you previously married? If so, state the name of your former wife, the date of the marriage, and the date and place of her death or divorce. If there was more than one previous marriage, let your answer include all former wives. Answer. #
No. 7 If your wife was married before her marriage to you, state the name of her former husband, the date of such marriage, and the date and place of his death or divorce, and state whether he ever rendered any military or naval service, and, if so, give name of the organization in which he served. If she was married more than once before her marriage to you, let your answer include all former husbands.
Answer. #
No. 8 Are you now living with your wife, or has there been a separation? Answer. #
No. 9 State the names and dates of birth of all your children, living or dead. Answer. I have no children.

                    (Signature of) Edward Dunscomb

                    Pensioner Dropped
                    Department of the Interior
                    Bureau of Pensions

Oct. 23 1915, Certificate No. 1131315. .
Class Special Act
Pensioner Edward Dunscomb
Service K 2 N.Y. Cav. & Act. Asst. Surgeon, U.S. Army
The Commissioner of Pensions.
I have the honor to report that the name of the above-described pensioner who was last paid at $12, to June 4, 1915 has this day been dropped from the roll because of death, June 4, 1915.
Very respectfully,
(signature illegible)
Chief, Finance Division.
Note: Every name dropped to be thus reported at once, and when cause of dropping is death, state date of death when known.