will dated 10 May 1690
                              Bermuda (?) (
                              Somer Islands ( In America                                                  
In the name of God, Amen : This : Tenth day of May in the yeare of our Lord One Thousand Six hundred and Ninety : I Thomas Dunscomb of Pembrook Tribe Mariner Son and heire of Thomas Dunscombe of the same tribe Deced. Being att this time very Sick and weak in body But of Sound and perfect memory and Disposeing mind (all praise bee given to God, Do make and ordaine this my last Will and Testament in manner & fforme ffollowing (that is to say) First I commend my Soul into the hands of almighty God my Creator and of Jesus Christ my Saviour and Redeemer, Through whose mercy & meritts I hope to obtaine Everlasting Life. My body I commend to the Earth ffrom whence itt was Extracted to bee Decently buried. As to my worldly Estate which God of his exceeding mercy hath bestowed on mee I Order, give and Dispose thereof in forme following (that is to say First I Will and Ordaine That all Such Debts as I shall happen to owe att the time of my Decease shallbee truly paid. And after my Said Debts being Defaulted and funerall charges being Deducted I Give and bequeath unto my Dear and welbeloved wife Christian Dunscombe All that One Share of Land with the appurtences And also the Dwelling house outhouses & buildings thereunto- belonging Seiteuate in Pembrooke Tribe aforesaid and now in my Actual Possession To have and to hold the same unto the Said Christian and her assignes ffor and During so long time as Shee Shall continue a Widow and unmarried ffree from all charges and payments. But in case Shee shall marry Then I will and Devise the Said Land into her the Said Christian ffor and dureing the Terme of her naturall Life Shee paying for the Same unto my Daughter Anne The yearly Sume or payment of Three pounds Bermuda money after Shee Shall attaine the age of One and Twenty Yeares or bee Maried and not before The same yearly paymt : to bee made on the Tenth of November yearly at my Dwelling house aforesaid.

Item I Give and bequeath the Said One Share of land with the appurtenances from and after ye Decease of my Said Wife Unto my Said Daughter Anne her heires and assignes fforever. Item I Give and bequeath unto my said Daughter Anne and her assignes my Negro Man Jack as her and their owne proper goods and chattells for Ever. Also I give and bequeath unto her my Said Daughter Anne the Sume of ffifty Pounds currant Money of these Islands Provided alwaies Nevertheless and my true Intent and meaning is And I do hereby will and declare That in case my said wife Shall happen to bee (ensient?) and bee with child att the time of my Decease, And Such Child Shallbee a Son Then I give and Devise the aforesaid Share of Land unto Such afterborne Son his heires and assignes for Ever after the Decease of my Said wife, and hee to receive the Said charge of Three pounds when payable as abovesaid
But in case Such afterborne child shall bee a Daughter Then I Order Will and Divise That all my Estate reall and personall (other than Such part and so much Thereof as I have or Shall by this my Will Give Devise and bequeath unto my Said Dear Wife) Shall go to and bee held Received enjoyed and Divided by & between Such Daughters as I Shall leave att my Decease or Shall bee borne afterwards as aforesaid their Heires Executors adms. and assignes equally & indifferently part and part like The Same to bee paid Divided and Delivered to them respectively att their respective ages of One and Twenty yeares or Daies of Marriage, And In case of the Decease of either or any of my Said Daughters before age or marriage her or their part to go to the Survivors equally. And in case all my children Shall Dye before their Legacies Due Then I will That the Same Legacies portion and Estate given or to bee given unto them Shall go and bee Divided according to the last will and Testament of my Said Father And
the true meaning thereof. The rest and residue of all my Estate real & personall I Give unto my Said Wife for and dureing her Naturall Life (if shee continue so Long a widdow Or otherwise Shee to have but her Thirds). And I do hereby make and Ordaine my Said Loving Wife Christian Dunscombe and my Esteemed ffriend Richard Pitts Esq. Justice to bee the Executors of this my last will and Testament. And finally I do hereby Revoke all former Wills by mee made Declaring and pronouncing this present Testamt: to bee my true and last Will In witnesse whereof I the said Thomas Dunscombe the Testator have To this my Last will and Testament Contained In (one?) Side of paper and this part of a Side Sett my Hand and Seale the Said Tenth Day of May 1690 on The other Side first above Written.

                                   Thomas Dunscombe (seal)

Signed Sealed & Delivered by
The Said Testator as & for his Last
will & Testamt: in the presence of
Samuel Dunscomb
the marke of
John A Lemmon
Charles A. Minors/Sen./
                         Bermuda: March 11th: 1690

Then personally Appeard before mee Samll: Dunscomb John Lemmon and Charles Minors and made Oath upon the Holy Evangelist that they Saw this Instrument of writing Signed Sealed and Delivered by Tho: Dunscomb as his last Will and Testament.