From "The History Of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley, Ohio, Volume 2" (1921):

Homer Hine, son of Noble and Patience (Hulbell) Hine, became a distinguished character Eastern Ohio, and was father of Abraham Skinner Hine. He was born at New Milford July 25, 1776, and graduated with the class of 1799 from College. One of his classmates was Dr. Lyman Beecher, father of Henry Ward Beecher. A graduate of Yale just a century later was his great-grandson, the noted American author Gouverneur Morris Homer Hine after studying law was admitted to the bar in 1801, and soon afterward came on horseback to the Ohio Western Reserve. He lived at Canfield and in Youngstown, and from 1804 to 1834 was almost continuously a representative in the Ohio Legislature. He was not only an able lawyer, but a man of broad scholarship, and in the absence of a regular minister frequently read sermons in church. When about sixty years of age he retired from practice, and he died July 14, 1856. His home in Youngstown was at Crab Creek, and the Lake Shore depot now stands on part of his old garden. He owned l00 acres there. While he attended the Presbyterian Church he never united with it formally until old age. He was a stockholder in the canal, which took a part of his time. He was associated on terms of friendship as well as professionally with such prominent Mahoning County characters as Judge Newton of Canfield, and also the Whittleseys of Canfield (