THE MARGUERETTAZ FAMILY AT THEIR MOUNTAIN HOUSE "BERRUAZ" IN AOSTA, ITALY. AS IDENTIFIED BY ORNELLA MARGUERETTAZ: starting from the left the first with the mule in hand is my dear father Bernardo (he was very young), near is my uncle Ferdinando (Bernardo's brother), then my grandfather Feliciano, next to my grandfather the tall one with hair is my cousin Elviro MARGUERETTAZ the son of Francesco MARGUERETTAZ (father of Iole and Aurelio), behind with the white headscarf tied under the chin is my grandmother FIGEROD Delfina, next to my grandmother with the scarf on her head and glasses my aunt Rosina MARGUERETTAZ and near the my other aunt Valentina MARGUERETTAZ and finally the two children in front of the taller one the boy is Eugenio MARGUERETTAZ (father of Giuseppina MARGUERETTAZ) son of Giuseppe MARGUERETTAZ and daughter Fernanda CARREL daughter of a sister of my grandmother DelfinaFIGEROD.