Will of Cecile Grosschopff:

Cecile Grosschopff Dunscombe, deceased Will Probated May 21, 1902
Minute Book 6, Page 561

I, Cecile Grosschopf Dunscombe, formerly of the City of Nashville, Davidson County, Commonwealth of Tennessee, now of Culpeper State of Virginia, widow of the late Elward (sic) Dunscomb, being of sound mind and memory do make, publish and declare this my last will and testament.
By the will of my late husband, Edward Dunscomb probate in Nashville, Tennessee and kept with deeds and other papers of mine in the Union Bank and Trust Co. in that city, it will be seen and proved that he considered all we held in common in real estate or in funds of any kind as my property and willed to me exclusively.
I appoint my son, John G. Dunscomb, now residing in the state of New Jersey, Executor of this my will and testament. He is hereby released from any bond or security for the safe conduct of this business and I request that no security be required of him.
I wish to express here my appreciation of the same jointly with that of his father, the late Edward Dunscomb often repeated to me, of his filial solicitude for our welfare and comfort by word and action. In case of his death my son Daniel Dunscomb at present at Toledo Ohio, is to be my Executor under the same provisions. Whatever real estate I own at the date of my death I hereby direct to be sold by my executor as soon as it can be done without loss to the estate and the proceeds disposed of as indicated below.
First: The real estate owned by me at present is as follows, - my house in the city of Nashville, (No. 516 S. Summer Street.) Davidson County, Tenn. fronting 60 feet and a lot ajoining it fronting 30 feet, South from N.W. corner of Cleave lot. I value it at $4000.00 having paid as much for the house alone without the ajoining lot.
Second. Three double frame tenement houses in East Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, in Factory Street the continuation of Sycamore Street, having a frontage of 96 feet, Albion's addition, I bought this property in exchange for other property in South Nashville valued by owner at $5000.00.
Third. The farm known as the "Eades" farm at Medicine Lodge, Barber County Kansas. Unless times become much better it is my wish that the last named property shall not be sold under two years from my death leaving however the disposal and sale of the said farm to the decision of my said executor John G. Dunscomb as he is familiar with the locality and the best judge of its value.
All of my papers are for safe keeping in the Union Bank and Trust Company, Nashville, Tennessee: Deeds, Abstracts, Fire Insurance Policies and loans, giving all the necessary information about them, viz:-
1st. Loan to Methodist Episcopal Church, Waverly Place, Davidson County, $1300.00 thirteen hundred dollars for three years beginning July 1st. 1899 and renewed for three years more.
11. Loan to Mrs. James B. Hood for $800.00 eight hundred dollars, loaned on building Polk Street, N.Nashville.
111. Loaned to Mr. Galen E. Green, Washington, D.C. $2400.00 two thousand four hundred dollars for one year beginning 1st February 1897, on lot 19 Green's subdivision, part of the "Girls" Portion. It has not been paid up to date. I wish the amount realized by the sale of my Real estate and my loans, when their payment is due, to be used and disposed of as follows, -
1. The payment of a mortgage on my house No. 516 South Summer Street, Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, of $4000.00 four thousand dollars, to Mrs. Catherine Dunscomb Colt, in New York City, and like-wise payment of $284.00.00 for monthly loans to above date.
11. The payment ot (sic) John G. Dunscomb for loans, payment of Taxes in Kansas, and sundry other expenses incurred for his father and myself amounting in May 1897 to the sum of $1472.64 one thousand four hundred and seventy two dollars and sixty four cents, without any interest, and if he shall expend hereafter any further sum, that also shall be refunded.
111. To my daughter Mary Dunscomb Ibbotson, wife of Joseph Ibbotson residing in Richfield Springs, New York State, the payment of 1000.00 one thousand dollars, sent in the course of years, out of love and not as a loan, to her father and myself, but it is my wish to return to her said sum. Besides the $1000.00 I will to her all my wearing apparel, books, pictures, with the exception of a small painting, painted by her sister Mrs. Colt, which I wish to be given to her, Mrs. Colt: a head of Thorwaldesn in oil, to her sister Mrs. F.D.. Darling; my father's large portrait in oil as well as the two smaller portraits in pastel of my parents, and the head in crayon of my father to my nephew WIlliam Grosschopff Siegburg, Rhine Province, Germany, as well as a pair of black ebony candle sticks made by his grandfather in his leisure moments, which will be found in a box in Nashville, marked miscellaneous, also any silver mine remaining to Mrs Mary Dunscomb Ibbotson, 1111. To my son Daniel Dunscomb, residing at Toldeo Ohio, the payment of $500.00 five hundred dollars as a token of my appreciation of his filial affection and kindness.
V. To Dr. Edward Dunscomb, elder son of my late husband, now residing at Glenwood Springs, Colorado, I leave as a token of good will and remembrance $200.00. To my nephew William Grosschopff, residing at Siegburg, Rhine Province, Germany and in case of his death to his widow the sum of $1000.00.
To Dr. Walter Dake, I will and bequeath as a small token of gratitude for his faithful attention to my husband Edward Dunscomb the sum of One hundred dollars $100.00.
To the Protestant Orphan Asylum, Nashville, the sum of Fifty dollars $50.00. After the payment of the above legacies, debts and gifts, the residue of the estate, and later on the proceeds of "Eades" farm, shall be divided equally between, 1st. Mrs. Frances Dunscomb Darling widow of Joseph Frith Darling, residing at present in New York City, or in case of her death to her two sons Joseph F. Darling and Thomas E.E. Darling, 2nd. Mary Dunscomb Ibbotson, nw residing at Richfield Springs, N.Y. or in the case of her death to her two sone Joseph D. Ibbotson and Edward D. Ibbotson. 3rd. John D. Dunscomb, now residing at Morristown, N.J. and in case of his death to his wife and children. 4th. Daniel Dunscomb, residing at Toldeo, Ohio, and in the event of his death the amount be added to the payment of his indebtiness (sic) to the estate of the late Harris Colt. My funeral expenses here to be directed by either my son John G. Dunscomb or my son Daniel Dunscomb, but the internment to take place at Mount Olivet Protestant Cemetery of Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, next to my husband's grave.
Witness my hand and seal this 7th. day of October 1901.
Cecile Dunscomb Grosschopff, (seal)
Virginia, in Culpeper County Court, May 19th 1902.
The last will and testament of Cecile Grosschopff Dunscomb was this day produced to the court and thereupon the smae was duly proved by the oathes of Chas. M. Waite, R.O. Hudson and Elizabeth C. Grove the subscribing witnesses thereto, who being duly sworn made oath that the said will was duly signed, sealed and delivered in their presence and that the time of so doing the testatrix was of sound mind and disposing memory, whereupon the said will is admitted to probated and ordered to be recorded, and on the motion of John G. Dunscomb the executor therein named, who enterered in to and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of $25000.00 without security as requested in said will, he is permitted to qualify as executor of the said will.
Teset, W.E. Coons, Clerk

In Culpeper County Clerk's Office.
I. W.E. Coons, Clerk of the County Court for the County of Culpeper, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the will of Cecile Grosschopff Dunscomb together with the probate.
Signed, sealed, and acknowledged by the testatrix as the last will and testament in our presence and in the presence of each other, both present at the same time and attested and subscribed by us as witnesses at her request and in the presence of each other.
Chas. M. Waite
R.O. Hudson
Elizabeth C. Grove