Son of Thorold de Pont-Audemer. He was the grandson of a Torf, the Prince of Denmark and Ertemberge de Bricanbert Bartram. His mother is reported as Duvelina or Woerta de Crepon, the sister of Gunnora. Records show them as sisters and both married to Torf. The family name is that of their village of Tourville-sur-Pont-Audemer. Humphrey was born circa 980 in France.

Humphrey's wife was Albreda de la Haye Auberie, also born in Pont-Audemer. Thye had at least three children:
* Robert de Beaumont
* Roger de Beaumont, succeeded his father
* Dunelma, her daughter was a nun at Saint-Leger de Preaux

Some records also show a Guillaume de Beuamont, a monk at Saint-Pierre de Préaux Abbey.

Humphrey held his family lands in Pont-Audemer as well as extensive lands throughout Normandy, Cotentin, Hiemois, Pays d'Auge, Basse Seine (Vatteville-la-Rue), in Évrecin (Normanville) and in Vexin Normand (Bouafles) all of which were confiscated church properties and had belonged to Duke of Normandy Richard II and Robert II Curthose. The honour and name of Beaumont originated from the lands of the Abbey of Bernay in Eure, northern France, included in the dowry Richard II offered his wife, Judith.

In the 1030's, Roger I of Tosny de la Conches attacked Henry's lands, who was killed by Humphrey's son. Roger de Beaumont, in battle around 1040. Humphrey restored the monastery at Preaux with monks from Saint-Wandrille in 1034 (