These two letters are on file in the Gordon Family papers at the Georgia Historical Society in Savannah. They were written by Dr. Edward Dunscomb (1838-1915) to Eleanor Lyttle (Kinzie) Gordon (1835-1917).

The Alta Vista

Colorado Springs, Colo.

January 19th, 1904

Mrs. John B. Gordon
Atlanta Ga.

My dear Mrs. Gordon

The recent death of Genl. Gordon reminds me, that years ago I had a cousin Nellie Kinzie of Chicago married to I think Genl. Gordon of Ga., and I write to ask if you formerly were Miss Nellie Kinzie the daughter of John H. Kinzie of Chicago?
If you were not Nellie Kinzie, my cousin, do you know which one of the Gordons Nellie married?
I would be pleased to hear from you.

Yours respectfully,

E. Dunscombe M.D.


My dear Cousin Nelly

A week or two ago, I received your very welcome letter of the 4th of Feb.
It is now to (sic) many many years ago that I saw you in Chicago. I think it was in the year 1857! Your brothers Jack & Arthur were friends of mine, especially Jack. I remember I visited your father's house, that I had at that time just returned from Europe, and you wished me to play on the piano for you, which I did. How many changes there have been since that time!
I have not seen my cousin Godfrey for many years. I came West some thirty years ago, and have have (sic) not been to New York since then! Quite often, some of the family come west and of course they always come to see me.
Many southern people come to this city, especially in the summer time, and quite often I have met people from Georgia. Do you ever come, or at least visit - the mountain states, in the summer time? If you do, certainly you could not have a more delightful visit than to come to Colorado, and of course I would be very much pleased to see you, should you do so.
I have been married now about thirty four years - we have no children. Have you? No doubt you will visit St. Louis World's Fair this year, and should you do so, you could easily visit then this state.
My sister Catherine Colt lives in the house in New York City that she did when I went to New York University, some 44 years ago! Kitty Colt married Samuel Sloan Jr. of N. York. He is Cashier of the Farmers Loan & Trust Compy of N. York City. Her sons, Frank and Dick, are engaged in the hardware business in N. York (Collins Hardware Co.) Harry Colt her other son is an attorney in N. York.
My sister Frances has two sons, one an atty. in N. York, and the other in the D.& L. RR office in New York. My sister Ann has two sons - one engaged in business in Utica N.Y. and the other one a clergyman. My brother John has retired from business. He resides in Brooklyn N.Y. He has four children. My brother Daniel resides in Toldeo Ohio, and is a wholesale grocer.
I have given you family history as near as I can recollect.
You must write me some again and tell me all family news that you know. I always understood that your husband was a General in the southern army - or senator, or both. Am I confusing?

Very affectionately,

Your cousin,

Edward Dunscomb M.D.

Colorado Springs, Feb. 22, 1904