Will of William Seon: Bermuda Archives, Book 12b, p. 213:

of Hamilton Parish, wife Ann.
issue: John, Englesbe, Thomas, Ruth, Patience, Sarah Mallory, Ann Luong (of Maryland)
executors: wife Ann, sons John and Englesbe
witnesses: Michael Burrows, Joseph Mallory, William Adams
dated Oct. 4, 1757, probate Jan. 17, 1763

References to William Seons of this period:

Triple indenture dated March 30, 1748 from George Tucker of Bermuda and his wife Mary (nee Handy) to John Seon of Somerset County, Maryland, and to Thomas Seon and Isaac Handy, of the same place, for land on Chesapeake Bay, call Ballean, on Wiccimoco River (original grant of March 1, 1672 to Robert Ridgeley), for 100 pounds, by John Seon (Composite Volumes, 10,2, p. 44).
John Seon, Jan. 12, 1754, owner of one of the local Bermuda boats which assisted with cargo unloading and salvage from the castaway schooner "Katy." (Composite Volumes 12, p. 43).