Nathaniel is not in the will of his assumed father, Samuel Sr., written 2/10/1705/1706, probate 11/14/1706. Bermuda Archives, Book of Wills, Book 3, part 2, film 281, inventory pg. 168. Cited in Clara Hallett letter dated 1/8/1990. Since a Nathaniel Dunscombe is cited in the 7/29/1696 Association Oath Rolls source we may put his death date between 7/29/1696 and 2/10/1706. But a Nathaniel Dunscombe is a witness to the Jan. 29, 1726 will of Jeremiah Burgess of Hamilton Parish (Book of Wills, Book 2,1, p. 215 - Bermuda Archives). This may, or may not, be the same Nathaniel. Hallet cites a Nathaniel in a 1708 petition regarding various local policies in existence as a general inhabitant of Bermuda, as well as a Nathaniel of Hamilton Parish who appears in a 1727 assessment to raise money for the repair of fortifications (correspondence 3/2/2001).
Nathaniel Dunscombe, 1695, witness to will of William Nelmes (Book of Wills, Book 6, p. 141 - Bermuda Archives)
"Association Oath Rolls, British Plantations, 1696, Bermuda als Somer Islands in America" (!bmuwgw/oathrolls.html) lists a Nathaniel Dunscombe in Hamilton Tribe.
Nathaniel Dunscombe gives letter of Attorney to Hon. Daniel Akehurst, Esq., to act for him in assuming administration of estate of John Philpott, dec'd. (Saunders. Colonial Records of North Carolina, 1662-1712." v.1, p. 445, 450, 451 (cited by Thomas Donovan Dunscombe). May be this Nathaniel.
Listed in an assessment of 1727 to raise money for the repair of fortifications, living in St. George's (Hallett correspondence, 3/2/2001).
"Slaves and slaveholders in Bermuda, 1616-1782" by Virginia Bernhard (c1999, Univ. of Missouri Press) mentions a Nathaniel Dunscomb testifying at the July 1691 trial of Will Furblow (pg. 205): Nathaniel Dunscomb of Hamilton, where Mrs. Trott resided, testified that on July 7 Nicholas Trott and the widowed Mary Trott had a quarrel with "many angry words." According to Dunscomb, Trott threatened the widow with his sword, entered her house to search for money, and "looked under the bed."Then Will appeared, and Trott "put a pistol to his Breast and said he would shoot him through if hee would not show him the money."