Will of Thomas Dunscombe mentions that he is a nephew of Edward Dunscombe. Bermuda Archives Book of Wills, Book 6, pg. 183 as cited by Clara Hallett.
"Association Oath Rolls, British Plantations, 1696, Bermuda als Somer Islands in America" (www.rootsweb.com/!bmuwgw/oathrolls.html) lists two Thomas Dunscombes in Pembrook (sic) Tribe.
Thomas may be the father of another daughter, Catherine. Court Action Books dated Jan. 24, 1725/26 refer to Catherine Dunscombe, spinster, daughter of Thomas (Assize Courts 101/3).
Will of Nathaniel Waterman of Pembroke, dated June 12, 1716, names his grand-daughter Rebecca Dunscombe, wife of Thomas Dunscombe, and their children Miriam, Thomas, and Rebecca Dunscombe. Reference also to Waterman's sister-in-law Ruth Dunscombe (Book of Wills, Book 5, p. 193 - Bermuda Archives)
Will of Nathaniel Prudden of Paget, dated Jan. 17, 1715, names his daughter Prudence Waterman (Book of Wills, Book 5, pg. 164 - Bermuda Archives)
Information on the background of Thomas Dunscombe's first wife is found in a reference to Rebecca Greenway, wife of Sergeant Greenway of Warwick, in the will of her godfather Gilbert Hill, dated Dec. 5, 1666 (This Rebecca would be the mother of Thomas Dunscombe's wife Rebecca Greenway) (Book of Wills, Book 1, p. 111 - Bermuda Archives).
A petition of 1708 regarding various local policies in existence lists two Thomas's as a general inhabitant of Bermuda (Hallet correspondence, 3/2/2001)
Three Thomas's (of Pembroke, Thomas Jr of Paget, and Thomas Sr of Paget) are listed in an assessment of 1727 to raise money for the repair of fortifications, resident of Hamilton Parish (Hallett correspondence, 3/2/2001).