Will of Englesbe Seon (Bermuda Archives, Book 14, p. 172):

Hamilton Parish, wife Hannah.
Issue: Thomas, Ruth, Hannah Hill (widow of Robert), Mary Burchall (wife of Peter), Elizabeth Burchall (wife of DeNice), Sarah Outerbridge (wife of Daniel W.)
Grandsons Englesbe and William Seon
ref. to negro Sam Phillips, to choose a new master/mistress among the Seon family.
Executors: wife, sons-in-law Peter Burchall, Daniel W. Outerbridge
Witnesses: Michael Burrows, John Hill, ELisha Hill.
Dated: July 18, 1804, probate Nov. 17, 1816.

Information on the identity of Englesbe Seon's wife Hannah is found in the will of Thomas Greatbatch of Hamilton Parish, dated July 2, 1776, in which he names his daughter Hannah Seon, wife of Englesbe Seon (Wills Book 12a, p. 454).
Englesbe Seon's land in Hamilton Parish listed as abutting on that of Ann Outerbridge, see indenture dated March 27, 1798 (Deeds Book 5, p. 16)
Englesbe Seon, April 14, 1774, listed as one of the pilots warranted as a ship surveyor on the ship "Industry," castaway on Bermuda rocks (Composite Vols 14, p. 298)