2nd Wife of 23rd United States President Benjamin Harrison. Mary Scott Lord was the daughter of Russell Farnham Lord and Elizabeth Mayhew Scott Lord. Her first husband, attorney Walter Erskine Dimmick, (July 4, 1856-January 14, 1882) was the son of the Pennsylvanian attorney-general, but died shortly after their marriage on October 22, 1881. In 1889, she became an assistant to her aunt, First Lady Caroline Harrison. After Mrs. Harrison's death in 1892, Mary Lord married the former President Benjamin Harrison on April 6, 1896 in New York City; he was 62 and she was 37 years of age. They had one child Elizabeth Harrison Walker (1897-1955). Mary Lord Dimmick Harrison died in New York City from conditions related to asthma.

Bio by: Cori H